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11 Things You Can Do RIGHT Now To Lose Fat From Your Body

1. Quit the self loathing: 

You really gotta put the self hate to bed! It’s time to embrace where you are right now and put a plan of attack in place that will set you onto making this a permanent lifestyle change. Practice little things everyday- yes everyday. Start off with positive affirmations about your body, personality and self. Our thoughts become our actions. Will you be consumed by bad thoughts or those of love and positivity- it’s simply your choice.
2. Exercise cardiovascularly for 20-30mins at max intensity:

To burn fat optimally, shorter more intense cardio sessions are what the researchers are finding if most effective for fat loss.  HIIT training is also much more enjoyable (in my opinion) than long distance sessions. Watch that fat melt and the fitness levels sky rocket.  
3. Just face facts that your journey will be just that, a journey! 

If your not a naturally slim girl then I’m sorry but you’re in for longer than 6-12 weeks. Naturally slender girls, with proper nutrition and fitness program, will find it easier to define their muscles (i.e look leaner) than a girl who has a body fat percentage of over approx. 25%. Take progress photos along the way, every 4 weeks is good, and only compare them against old photos of yourself. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!
4. Stop choosing goals that have nothing to do with your core values or your belief system: 

A girl at your gym just competed in a sports modeling competition and she has a banging body- so now all of a sudden you think that’s for you. It’s all well and good to set the bar high but choosing a goal that has nothing to do with what you are or who you are won’t see you succeed at it for very long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok if you want to get up on a stage and strut your stuff but remember a tiny bikini and sky scraper heels doesn’t drive everybody to succeed at weight loss nor is it health and maintainable long term.
5. Stick to a particular “system” of fat loss and go with it. 

Fine if you want to be a vegan-paleo-intermittent faster go for it but take it from a professional it’ll be a hell of a lot easier if you find a nutrition and exercise plan that doesn’t chop and change and yields results besides bouncing around between several different philosophies. By all means vary your food choices and exercise selection however stick to building muscle with an adequate diet before you say want to lean down. A full on lifting schedule is hard to maintain on minimal calories.
6. Stress less: 

Cortisol production is elevated when we are stressed. Increased cortisol equals fat store, especially on the tummy. Avoid excessive caffeine – look I love coffee as much as the next person but I do feel one great cup of espresso is plenty before 12pm with a cup of black tea in the afternoon (if your system is fine with that- i.e you can fall asleep easily, within 10-20mins of hopping into bed). Ensure your fitness program provides you with adequate rest and down time (recovery). Exercise is essentially a stressor to the body so make it worthwhile not over the top.  
7. Remember a lot of fitness information available out there is taken out of context.  

Can you really just eat anything that fits into your daily marcos? Will eating “clean” give me an amazing body? Does cutting out meat really help with fat loss?  Do your research and make an informed choice/decision. The latest gossip magazine, that hot chick with abs your follow on Instagram (who is actually a 15 year old school girl) or the new girl you sit next to at work is NOT necessarily an authority of health and/or WELLBEING!
 8. Lift heavy…

I’m not even going to go into it. I say it probably a million times per week. Don’t be afraid! Put down those puny weights and boost your metabolism (aka your fat fire) by building muscle.
Start off with basic exercise and build from there. Steps ups, push ups, shoulder presses, tricep dips and hip extensions are a great start. Smaller reps first with heavier weight, say 6-10 reps for 3-4 sets, with a weight than means you don’t exceed those reps. If you could keep lifting pass 10 reps, your weight is too light- add some more as long as form is tight and on point. The benefits of a good Personal Trainer will be worth it’s weight in gold, at minimum a few technique/form sessions. Sydney based peeps try New Outlook Fitness 

 9. Get Real: 

“Do I really need that much food on my plate?” 
“Can I really out run that daily Mars bar…like can I, really?” 
“I just find it so hard to lose weight (I’ve been trying for 3 whole days)”

All of these quotes plus a bucket load, are just some of the constant verbal vomiting that our mind produces on a daily basis. Getting real simply means thinking about all these “constant” excuses you have and actually questioning them and changing the behaviour. If you generally questioning yourself, you already are halfway there in knowing you have a little problem. That simple process of talking (yes, with yourself) out loud and questioning if I do a and b will it give me the result I want. If the answer is no then the outcome is simple stop whatever is holding you back. Sometimes you may need to be kinder to yourself rather than harsher- It’s a personal thing. For me, personally, I was a sucker for my own excuses- So I got tougher. Some women are constantly beating themselves up- “I’m too x” “I can’t say no to person y” and so on, these gals need to be kinder to themselves and practice pointing themselves first and some self love (see point 1). 

10. Stop quitting: 

SO important! Just see your goal through. Yes it’s hard. Yes, you could lose friends. Yes, you will feel deprived at times BUT guess what? It’s going to be worth it. That moment you slip on that sexy, tight dress, The satisfaction of completing your first round of squats & lunges without feeling like your legs are going to give way or the first reveal of your new body to your girlfriends on a night out on the town- All of that stuff is priceless. It’s worth every run. every deadlift, every pushup, every non eaten bowl of ice cream…It’s worth it! Need more inspiration? Read this– I was a fatty, I decided not to quit.

11. Realise your goals ARE achieveable: 

The moment you commit to your goals coming true, the world is your oyster. Put it in writing if necessary, tell people, tell no one, set reminders on your phone- DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! That moment of clarity, the Ah-ha! of you moving forward and not being the person you hate is such a great feeling. It’s so liberating to know that like so many other guys and girls before you who embark on a weight loss journey- that it will be you, soon. It all starts with one step 

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