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15 Real Life Holiday Fitness Solutions

We are usually bombarded with 1,000 of articles at this time of year that either have us rolling our eyes or ruin our much anticipated holidays. Health articles can be very counter productive. They make us feel bad for the majority of decisions we make at this time of year: eating Christmas ham at every opportunity, putting our gym membership on hold, having trifle for breakfast, telling our trainer we are going to be “out of the country” these holidays or drinking enough alcohol to kill a small hippo. Not this is one! I’m giving you real life solutions to make the holidays just that little bit fitter/healthier/wellnessey. Bonus: You won’t need your fat pants around the resort the entire time either…but bring a maxi just in case!

Cheers to 2015

 1. Turn off your mobile phone: Ekkk! No, you won’t die! If not for the entire time on your vacay, try just a few hours per day where you have zero screen time. That’s across all devices! It’s scary to think how obsessed we are with our phones, lappies and ipad. I’ve even moved into multiple screen land (you know where you are watching tv, on your iphone and have your lap top nearby). It’s crazy (in a bad way). It’s time to tune it all out. This is your holiday! You so don’t need to know about what’s happening in your 3rd cousin’s best friends aunt’s house, do you?

2. Try a 4 minute workout: Fitting in workouts during holidays is a toughie and our time usually is spent catching up with friends, family and back to back seasons of US reality TV. Even my training takes a bit of a back seat during holiday time however it never goes completely out the (plane) window. I just change it up. Try 4 mins of HIIT instead of your usual 30-45 mins slogs. Get your the tabata app and go your hardest. 20 secs rounds with 10 secs rest intervals for 8 sets then done. Here’s a workout I prepared eariler

3. Stand up paddle boarding (SUP): SUP is oh so cool, fun and widely available, especially in beach side locations. Hire or ask Santa to bring you a board and get out on the water. SUP is great for your core and if you want to go uber cool try a SUP & yoga class!  

4. Have a couple of meat free days: On holidays and especially those few days from Christmas eve to Boxing Day it can be a literal food-a-thon, so why not re balance with a couple of meat free days. Use your salad left overs with some added nuts and seeds, maybe a few slices of avocado and transform your meat filled meals into lighter, still protein rich options.

5. Plan 2015 with a goal “to-do” list: See this as a pathway to success. Spend a few moments planning out how you want to best live the incoming new year. This is actually one of my most favourite things to do for the new year, it makes me feel organised and leads me into the coming year feeling optimistic and ready to rock.  You can revisit your list at quarterly intervals or as often as you see fit. This is your list, map it out how it best reflects you: words, pictures, photos, spreadsheet, timeline, etc

6. Shop: Shopping equals movement, movement equals calories burnt, calories burnt equals exercise. See?! Keep hydration levels up with water NOT a gingerbread frappucino and carry handbag snacks: nuts/seeds, fruit or a couple of protein balls.

Meanwhile…in Beverly Hills

7. Lie in a hammock and read a book: Relaxing is as good for you as exercising. Breathe, chill and enjoy! It is OK to have downtime.

8. Get wet: Take full advantage of the hot weather this summer and get yourself in the big blue. Swim, surf, snorkel, frolick, kayak, paddle or float.

“Snorkelling in Montenergo”

9. Supplement the full English for a smoothie/green juice: A change is as good as a holiday they say and swapping up your breakfast can be an easy way to keep the kilos at bay during holiday season. I’m loving a fresh veggie and fruit smoothie of a morning now- I find the warmer weather calls for lighter food choices. I pack me smoothies with lots of green and a little sweetness from a couple of different hunks of fruit. They are packed with fibre and vitamins and you can even make a few in advance to store in the fridge or freezer. My favourite combo: pineapple, spinach, broccoli florets, cucumber and water or coconut water OR watermelon, lemon, mint, cucumber, celery, spinach and water.

10. Dance like nobody is watching: I’m not going to tell you to ditch the cocktails this NYE but what I do want you to do is dance your ass off! For every 20 minutes of busting a move you do, you’ll burn 100 calories.

11. Drop it like a squat: Body weight workouts are my go to on holidays. I don’t need a gym, or weights and I can do them anywhere. I get inspired by my surroundings. Use steps, rocks, the beach, a grassy hill or a chair in your hotel room/apartment. One super cinch workout incorporates the squat
Below is 5 types of squats with a few other body weight exercises thrown in. You can repeat this 4-5 times

50 wide squats
50 mountain climbers
40 squats
40 twisting mountain climbers
30 lateral squats
30 push ups
20 curtsy squats
20 tricep dips
10 jump squats
10 burpees

My squat variation how-to video is here

12. Take a trip to a local fresh food market: Take in the produce of your holiday destination or if you are staying local, hit up your closet fresh food market. Buy in season and let the produce speak for itself, with simple concoctions. Salads, local seafood, zesty dressings or salsas with fresh herbs are some of my fondest food memories. Basic is best!

13. Hike those hills: Need a butt blast? Find a hiking trail and get moving. Your heart rate gets a spike and you get a little dose of Mother Nature. Don’t forget your camera for a few happy snaps

Hiking in the French countryside…hard!

14. Massage: Remember how I said downtime is as good as a workout? Time for round 2, downtime with recovery. Massage is about the easiest way I know how to relax instantly. Try something new, if you always have a sports type massage, why not have a body scrub with a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage. Different is good!

15. Laugh! Relieve stress, tension and up those happy hormones with a good old fashioned cackle. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Enjoy your holidays and have an amazing time, whatever you do. If you aren’t going anywhere, like our mate Dot said:”There’s no place like home”

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