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2 Ingredient Natural Facial Scrub

2 Ingredient Natural Facial Scrub

I’ve been using this 2 ingredient natural facial scrub for more than 3 months now and LOVE IT! I’ve been impressed with the gentle buffing quality of bi carb and water (talk about simple!). Micro beads are so out! (and terrible for the environment read more here about microbeads: bad for your face and bad for the environment) and natural is in. This is also a cheap and cheerful way to give your skin some love. Remember, like anytime starting something new with your skin, try a patch test before lumping a whole clump on your face.

You’ll need:

Bi carb soda (aluminum free, in Australia McKenzie’s is fine)


Make a paste in your hands of about 2 tbsp of bi carb to a few drops of water- watch the video for a better idea of consistency. Slather it on your face and start to lightly scrub all over. You don’t need to scrub hard just buff lightly for best results.

Rinse well then finish off with a spray of rose water and then finish off with your favourite facial oils.

Hello, beautiful skin!

Have you tied this scrub before? Success or fail? What else do you use bi carb for?

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  1. I will try this out. Love natural body care. Btw typically bicarb doesn’t have aluminum or aluminium but baking powder is one to check the ingredients list of for it.

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