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2 Ingredient Pizza Dough

2 Ingredient Pizza Dough

Enter Sunday; coupled with two parties the night before- I was Hungover AF

Need pizza

Have approixmate 4 things in fridge…..and self raising flour

A quick google search “pizza dough with self raising flour” eventually led me to 2 ingreident pizza dough. I was in baby!

The reicpe was so simple: 1 cup plain yoghurt and 1 cup self raising flour, combine and then knead. In my current state I could do this! I sent my man up the road to get the toppings: cheese, mushrooms and salami while I got on with the dough.

I was extremely doubtful that this was going to taste any good but I was prepared to give it a go, even just for research purposes. When you think about it, a 2 ingredient dough is pretty life changing. My thoughts drifted to the savings I could make on store bought pizza bases. Things were looking up!

I had kneaded and prepared my base, just a few holes pricked in the bottom. Then the usual tomato base plus toppings. Oven was set to 200 and ready to cook this puppy. I kept an eye on it at the 15 minute mark and checked the base (by lifting it off the tray) I was concerned the toppings would brown but the base would be doughy. No need to worry as it cooked pretty evenly. I’d say it was in there for 20-25 minutes before it came out.

I was so impressed- it looked amazing. It looked PROFESSIONAL.

The taste test went well too and even my biggest critic (my man) who previously said “yoghurt in pizza, no thanks” scoffed it down and went back for seconds…..and thirds.


Life changing? Absolutely!



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