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20 Reasons Why It’s AWESOME To Be A Strong Woman

1. You can unscrew those tough jar lids without asking for help

2. You can carry all your shopping bags from the car in one trip, even if it kills you, you will not do a 2nd trip.

3. When you walk past a mirror, you can’t help but stare at your own body and feel proud

4. You can eat a piece of cake or an wedge of cheese and know It’ll help make your muscles grow

5. You are in love with your “big” strong, muscly legs

6. Men stare at you during your workout at the gym and it’s not because have a crop top on

7. We give compliments to other women without sounding like a jealous bitch

8. Your kids actually think you may have been a superhero in a previous life

9. Your partner loves you for you!

10. Your friends admire your dedication

11. You love your curves and all your edges. As if cellulite is going to ruin your vibe!

12. If you are having a shitty day, you know a workout will turn it around

13. You know about the beauty of balance- cheeseburgers, salad, wine, fruit and steak and chocolate.

14. You stop when you are finished, not when you are tired.

15. You regularly take time out to focus on yourself without feeling guilty

16. You don’t need makeup to feel beautiful

17. You don’t let a belly roll stop you from rocking a bikini!

18. You know your dreams are up to you

19. You know eating a packet of tim tams won’t fix ANY problem, except maybe hunger

20. You surround yourself with others who lift you up and support you. You will not be brought down by energy vampires

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