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4 Yoga Poses For Regular People

Yoga or should I say Yoooooooga, seems to be the movement of choice for all the cool kids. Everyone does yoga these days, don’t cha know?! Am I a yogie? Hell no! Do I envy those bendy type? Of course! Do I wish I wish to devote every waking hour to improving my flexibility? No but kind of! Do I need to work on my stress levels and get stretchy? Yes, who doesn’t? So basically I want yoga’s benefits without putting the effort into actually doing it. Gosh, I sound like my clients!  

Hey Yoga, I’m just not that into you. I wanna be….baby steps, ok?

Here’s 4 poses that I have been trying to incorporate in my week to stretch and feel that little bit more alive. You’ll also feel part of that yoga cool gang. I also recommend hitting up or

1. Bow pose, this little puppy is great for digestion, fatigue and anxiety

Lie face down, heels close to butt and reach for your feet, one at a time. Grab hold of your ankles and push back with your legs, as you try to bring your upper body off the ground.  Ret your tummy and hips on the ground and hold the position.

2. Inversion: Head stand, mental clarity and core strength come my way! ‘

I will do this one on the wall as I’m no head stand master. No, we aren’t just doing this for the Instagram pic! It build strength in the shoulders and neck.

3. Standing forward bend, great for lengthening those hamstrings

You are essentially aiming to touch your toes and hold the position with straight legs. I find when you place your hands under your toes you can get a good grip and pull up to stretch the hamstrings. The aim is the get the forehead to touch you knees (what?!)

4. Downward facing frog (not dog…frog!), open up those tight hips, ladies!

Bring your knees out the side and lean back into your hips. If your hips and inner thighs are tight like mine this pose will be a welcomed relief. You can increase the stretch by bringing your knees wider.

I hold all my poses for a few minutes, till boredom sets in really! 1-2 minute is great as most of these are beginner type poses, you should manage holding them for that length of time. Just remember to slowly come out of the poses and not jerk or jolt yourself free.

How much Yoga do you do each week? Comment below and tell me know if there is a favourite pose of yours I should be doing.


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