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5 Minute Ab Workout With No Sit Ups Or Crunches

Oh JLo, we love your abs! 

What’s the big deal about crunches and situps? Well, us trainers go on about avoiding them or trying up new moves that still will work those muscles but rather than developing thickness in your middle (which is what sit ups and crunches will eventually do) these moves are incorporating your core as a whole unit and also help to tighten your tummy muscles, kind of like a corset. So if you want a flatter stomach, along with good nutrition, these core tightening and tummy flattening exercises are a better option. Let’s get moving

Pike Swiss Ball, try 15 reps of this exercise for 4 sets. Get a good movement coming from the hips and abs and keep nice and stable in the upper body.  
Ball Slam, I’m using a wall ball here (it’s weighted heavier down the bottom so it can be a little trickier to hold), perform these slams with force towards the ground on a nice flat surface. Again aim for 15 slams and really squat into it as shown. Try these 4 times

Side plank hold, balancing on your elbow which is directly under your shoulder, stack both hips on top of each other then push yourself up and hold. If you are feeling extra confident, add the hand up. Really aim to draw your navel to spine and continue to draw in for the duration of 45 secs. Build the time up by 15 secs. Remember to do both sides. You could also start on your knees if you finding it too tough on both feet. Perform twice on each side

Mountain climbers, climb your way to strong abs with this move. Aim for 30 knees in, 4 sets. I like to mix it up, I do fast ones. Then a round of slower, more concentrated ones, I’m really working on pulling my lower abs in with these move. 

This Push & Squeeze move is the triple threat, your in your elevated push up position but as you go down into the arm bend or press part, you lift on leg at time and squeeze your butt cheek. These are tough sotake it slow and go easy. Aim for 10 then build up to 20, 2-3 sets. Keep your torso nice and long and your head still, keep your eyes on your hands.

If you had enough equipment at your disposal (wall ball, bench & swissball) , you could perform all 5 of these in a circuit. One after the other and resting after completion of the 5th exercise. Aim for 4 sets  
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