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50DaysNoSugar Challenge: Nat Carter’s Before & After Pics

My journey has been fun, painful, worthwhile and eye opening to select a few words!
I had developed this challenge after previous experience with my sugar addiction (NoSugarVember) but I knew I needed to make a more permanent change and stick it out. It’s been 5 months and totally worth every moment since 50DaysNoSugar started.

My Pros

– Zero sugar cravings, yes I still see sugary things and think “oh yum, I’d love to eat that” but I am now in control to avoid stuffing my face with sugar. The key for me has really been extending the 50Days and incorporating into my everyday life. Now at 3 months sugar free, I feel like I’m getting the best out of my body. It takes time but it’s been so worth it for me.

– My abdominal fat has significantly decreased. I always find my abs store most of my body fat and sugary foods were always the thing that I overate. The texture of my skin has improved on both my face and body. Every girls dreaded friend Ms Cellulite has all but vanished. My aim is never to have
10% bodyfat. I’m approximately 23-24% bodyfat, a size 10-12 and my weight is 68-69kg

– My willpower has increased. I feel I’m talking the talk and walking the walk everyday I got without sugar. If I really wanted to eat a piece of cake or have a scoop of gelato I would but right now, 5 months “clean”, I feel I don’t need to indulge that behaviour. I make rather prefer savoury stuff

– My tastes have changed,  I taste the sweetness in fruit and some veggies instantly so automatically go for the fruits lowest in sugar and always consume lots of green veggies. Cheese is always an option too when I need to indulge. Fat fills me up much more. I got to social events and parties regularly and don’t have a problem. I actually get friends coming up to me telling me that they too have stopped eating so much sugar

– Even when dropping fat (so “dieting”) I find it much easier avoiding sugar and watching my overall calories. I’ve had a sweet tooth from day dot and now feel as though I’m a savoury girl now.

– Fat and protein seem so much more satisfying and interesting to me

– I’m experimenting and testing in the kitchen a lot more. I love coming up with ways to indulge and get my sweet fix.

– I’ve helped lots of people lose unwanted kilos and get control of their eating, I feel great that my challenge and plan has worked so well for others.

My Cons

– I still fight with my inner ‘sugar’ monster. Not so much on a daily basis anymore however if i know amazing desserts are within my zone I do still get a sugar pang and I don’t know if and when that will ever go away however I can still order a cheese plate off a dessert menu in a restaurant, so I don’t fill left out.

– Having to deal with people’s opinions. It’s happening less and less as giving up sugar is becoming much more popular. When I first started these challenges people where telling me I was being unhealthy, dangerous, crazy, mad and probably wanted to see me fail to make them selves feel better about eating a packet of tim tams every night. I find I get a lot more support these days

A typical day’s food is (all found in the 50Days Recipe ebook and guide):

Breakfast: a quick protein rich smoothie, eggs & avo or fruit. Maybe a slice of toast with PB & a boiled egg.
Snacks: Nuts, fruit, cacao smoothie, yoghurt & cheese
Lunch & Dinner: leftovers, Chicken & chorizo stew (a favourite of many challengers), steak & veg, fish & veg, veggie pasta & bolognese.
Indulgences: hot chips, crisps, red wine, 50DaysNoSugar “ice-cream”

I’ve got the next recipe ebook almost ready to go with new, fun and DELICIOUS sugar free delights.

Before and after pics:

Pic on the left is Day 1 July 2012, Pic on the right is Day 50 19th August 2012

And finally present day

For me, it’s taken getting over that 50 day mark and making this a permanent lifestyle change to see more benefit. The challenge is adaptable in that way, you do 50 and so you realise how easy it is to adjust to this way of life.
Loving my hips, thighs, waist and tummy looking tighter. Plus I still get to enjoy my wine & cheese. To be honest I didn’t do my measurements pre & post because I wasn’t that unhappy about my body in its current situation but I feel like the photos do show a physical difference which is a bonus for me. I knew through previous experience that getting rid of sugar works well for me. The best thing is not having to work so hard to get rid of my sugary indulgences through exercise- by that I mean I know lots of people who say they follow clean or great diets however every weekend they bring out the chocolate & ice cream and have a personal sugar party. It’s all about moderation and balance for me. Sugar just sets off my inner fatty & piggy- so I ditched it. I’m happy with the way my diet is right now.

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