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50DaysNoSugar Cinnamon Nutty Cookies

Our 50DaysNoSugar 1st Birthday is coming up, it’s literally right around the corner! On 1st July, 2013, We will be doing a NEW countdown for all new challengers and hoping to get the support of our current challengers as they carry on ditching sugar from their lives. Head to our 50DaysNoSugar FB page to check out what’s going on during the 50 Days.

Now, because it’s a special celebration, what better way to celebrate than with 50DaysNoSugar approved COOKIES! These make a delicious softer style cookie and need to be served with a black or herbal tea of your choice. Cookies and tea just go together!

They do contain naturally occurring fruit sugar and if you don’t know already we don’t promote the banning of fruit in our challenge, 1-2 pieces per day aren’t going to send your sugar levels sky rocketing. I want to keep this challenge maintainable and sensible! Stick to low to medium sugar fruits and limit your high sugar fruits to a few servings per week (generally after you have completed the challenge). All the guidelines and recipes are available in a handy eBook (1) for only $15.95, extra recipes including some great desserts are in 50DaysNoSugar Recipe eBook 2 (only $10!)

Cinnamon Nutty Cookies

Makes 9 mini cookies

Calorie count approx 40 cals per cookie, each with just a smidgen over 1g of sugar (naturally occurring from the foods we have used)

4 Tbsp Red Mill Quinoa Flour
2 Tbsp Coconut Milk
Stevia (to taste, I didn’t add it because I felt they were sweet enough for my taste buds)
1/2 Banana, mashed or 4 Tbsp pureed/stewed apple
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Peanut butter
10 Macadamias split in half to decorate top

Mix together all dry ingredients then add wet, give all a good mix till a cookie batter forms.

Spoon onto grease proof paper sheet and tray. Press half a macadamia on top of each cookie. Place in pre heated oven for 10-12 mins on 200 degrees celsius.

Serve with a good, strong cuppa!

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