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50daysNoSugar Review: Meet Our Dream Team!

I get it, like I totes get it. You feel off the wagon, you succumbed to the tim tams but you felt shitty after and you learnt from your wrong doing. Now your back in my loving arms and I’ll protect from that nasty sugar monster- well I’ll try anyway. So you asked, I listened…The challenge is back again- Day 1 and counting! For those of you, like me, who have avoided temptation- well done! Keep focused and use this time to help others by offering them support, sending through advice on how you stay “clean” or anything else you think will be of use to someone. 

I thought about sharing my story (and I will…real soon) but I’m boring (and amazingly good at sticking to a very, very modest) so I thought I’d put together a cool team of “50daysNoSugar-ers”- Our 50DaysNoSugar Dream Team! They will complete the challenge and update us on a weekly basis. Hopefully given the fact they need to commit to me &  their blogging duties they will see this challenge through and then some. Some of my Dream Team have 50daysNoSugared before and others are new to the gang! The gals will not sugar coat (LOL) their experience just give an honest recount. Some are mums, others 9-5ers.  Here’s 2 of our ultra cool team for you to meet: 

Meet Sara 

Hi everyone, I’m Sara. I’m a mother of a crazy over active gorgeous 14 month old. I work full time & I live in Central Queensland.
I’m very excited to be starting the 50 Days of No Sugar challenge today. I’m even more excited to be blogging my journey here with Natalie & the New Outlook Fitness team. 
I’ve battled with my weight on & off over the past 10 years, I’m proud to say that I’m now in a happy place. I have come to be comfortable in my own skin. 
I now realise that the number on the scale is just that, a number. What is more important is how I feel. My energy levels, my health, my mental state, the condition of my skin and my general ability to cope with life’s adventures. 
I hope that over the next 50 days I will wean my body off the mid afternoon cake, the post dinner chocolate & the weekends sweet indulgences. I believe I eat fairly clean already but sugar is my weakness. 
I think that one of the biggest challenges for me is going to be reducing the alcohol I drink. The one glass that gets topped up most nights will be on the chopping block, as will its accompanying piece of chocolate. 
I hope that by changing my diet I will see some real improvement in my body shape & composition. I’d like to see my body fat levels decrease, and my general energy levels increase. I’ll be keeping a daily journal to track my experience and I’ll be sharing some of it here with you all.
That’s it until next week, if you are keen to follow my 50DaysNoSugar experience more regularly feel free to follow me on Twitter (@Sar_Wah). Use the hashtag #50daysnosugar  
Meet Paula
Not so long ago I was feeling amazing. On top of the world even. I was healthy, happy and had a glow about me. Why? Because I was doing the 50DaysNoSugarChallenge and I was rocking it!
The weight was dropping off, my skin was bright, I had boundless energy (after the first few days anyway!) and my tummy was getting flatter by the day. I finally fit into a pair of size 8 ‘goal pants’ that had never fit me before. I had more energy and endurance than ever before in the gym. I could run harder and jump higher in Step class. And my body started changing shape. My tummy flattened out, my thighs got leaner and my hips seemed narrower.
Fast forward 3 months and I no longer feel that way. Why?? Because I fell off the wagon. Actually no – I crashed the wagon, I got thrown off and then the wagon went of a cliff and exploded! Oh, and my goal pants are once again relegated to the back of the wardrobe.
But here I am. October 2nd and feeling so positive about this next 50DaysNoSugar Challenge. This time it has to be different. I have to make it happen. Nat has given me the tools and the support but only I can choose what goes on my plate or in my mouth. Only I can say ‘no’ to sugar laden foods. And only I can put in the work at the gym and only I can feel the pride in 50 days time when I know that I made it happen… And made my goal pants fit again!
I’m looking forward to discovering and creating new, healthy and delicious sugar free recipes that I will of course, endeavor to share (but only if they turn out!).
I want to find a way to make this work for me for good. I want to feel how I felt in July ALL the time. I want to be that slim girl in the size 8 pants with the glowing skin again. I know she’s in here – I just have to let her out!
So come on, join me as I claw my way back to a sugar free life at www.50daysnosugar.comor join in the fun and get support from great people (like me and Nat!) at On the FB pageLet’s do this!!

Cool hey?! I will introduce more of our 50DaysNoSugar Dream Team during the week, until then, Sit tight and STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM SUGAR!!!!!

Be awesome, to get some natalie carter talks fitness on a regular basis subscribe now!

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