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53 Ways To Boost Your Mood & Feel Better About Yourself

Try one, try a few or try them all- Boost Your Mood & Feel Better About Yourself NOW!

1. Give yourself a hug, that dear readers, releases happy/lovey hormones

2. Read an inspiring book, try The Life You Were Born To Live, it’s one of my favourites

3. Do a headstand

4. Revisit or create a vision board. Even attempt to recap on new skills you’ve learnt or acquired and pop them on your current resume.

5. Write a list of all the places you want to travel to or better yet, book your next trip.

6. Ask your best friend about her favourite personality traits that you posses

7. Go for a walk outside

8. Make yourself a beetroot, ginger and carrot juice. This combo is great if you are feeling tired. ZING up!

9. Get a buff and polish at your local nail bar, pick the brightest colour you can stomach

10. Pump some iron, nothing makes you feel better than rocking a tight ass and some solid arms!

11. Donate $20 to a local charity

12. Try your hand at some DIY, this is an easy project for a tired piece of furniture. Paint dip DIY

13.  Stretch your glutes, it’s amazing the amount of tension your bot bot holds! Here’s my how-to video

14. Plant some fresh herbs in your garden or on a balcony pot. Get those hands dirty

15. Practice holding your breath! Weirdly this boosts your lung capacity and helps you take in more oxygen and breathe more efficiently

16. Walk/hike in the bush

17. Eat a tablespoon of peanut butter

18. Light a candle, focus on the flame for a few minutes, let all those worries burn down. These are my favourite candles

19. Write a letter to a loved one

20. Scrunch up your face really tight and release it, try this 10 times. Also try doing this with your
hands and shoulders. Release the tension!

21. Wash your face and/or brush your teeth. Instantly uplifting

22. Ban your computer screen/iphone for a minimum of 20 minutes

23. Run a bath and soak your body. 

24. Write a list of all the things that are occupying your mind, just write, write, write till it’s all out on a piece of paper

25. Make yourself a cuppa

26. Do a wardrobe cull

27. Fart! Yep, that’s right. Some people hold so much wind/air in their gut by not “releasing” this, it gets trapped in your gut and can causes bloat and discomfort.

28. Talk to a stranger and hold eye contact. Ask them about their day etc. Be genuinely interested

29. Pour yourself a glass of red wine, Trust me, it’s medicinal

30. Get out on the water, catch a ferry or book a day cruise!

31. Slap on a bright shade of lippy

32. Eat your favourite meal, no guilt, just enjoy it

33. Scream, shout, cry or all three! Sometimes it’s better out than in!

34. Call your mum, dad, granny and tell them you love them

35.  Find your pet (or someone elses) and give it a pat/kiss/hug

36. Clean up your desk/office space/bedroom/car. Tidy surroundings = tidy mind

37. Drink a massive glass of water, rehydrate

38. Put your favourite song on and dance like nobody is watching

39. Perform 20 quick body weight squats

40. Give your body a good scrub with a sea salt or coffee scrub. A body brush is great if you don’t want to get wet

41. Stand and walk tall for a minimum of 90 secs. Feel like a supermodel yet?

42. Get your brows shaped

43. Go to the local florist and buy yourself a bunch of flowers

44. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Hold it and go again. Bigger and warmer this time

45. Get a whiff of essential oil. Try something zingy like mint or lemon or grapefruit. You can also pop a few drops on a tissue or hanky (Hanky! Does anyone carry those these days?)

46. Do 20 star jumps, talk about instant pep up!

47. Say “NO” to something that doesn’t feel right for you. We usually find ourselves saying yes to everyone and everything, sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Pull back- it’s ok!

48. Lay down on the floor and release your lower back. Lay flat and bring your bent right leg across your body to the floor while turning your head in the opposite direction and keeping your arms out to the side. Hold for 50 counts and then do the other side

49. Have a big gut laugh, really get a good one out. You want people to stare at you!

50. Squirt a little perfume on

51. Have a remedial massage

52. Take your shoes off and plonk them on some grass or sand. Doesn’t that feel super?

53.  Two words: Online Shopping!

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