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6 Essential Items For The Perfect Home Gym Set Up

6 Essential Items For The Perfect Home Gym Set Up

Having a home gym is probably one of the best investments you can ever make to your health and fitness. Think about it for a minute:

That gym membership (um…you never seem to use!) $700-1800+ per year

The ridiculous ab thingy , you brought off the telly, that is now a glorified clothes horse, $199

A treadmill that is uninspiring $800-$2500+

That’s between $1700-$4500 of “stuff” that either gets the occasional use or lies around, meanwhile you have achieved dilly squat (yay an exercise pun!).

Imagine if you had everything your little fitness heart desired under your own roof, surely it would be easy to commit to workouts and get some decent results? Yes! It totally would.

Now, like always I’m going to give it to you straight. I don’t want you buying useless items, just those ones I use and know work well in the home gym scenario. These are the same products I have in my home gym. I’ll take you through the essential items- BONUS: It’s not going to cost you the earth or take up loads of space either. Hart Sport has got you covered with everything under one roof!


  1. Foam roller, $35+. The roller is an essential recovery item. Break down tight fascia with this bad boy. You know when you have that “OMG did I get into a fight last night” soreness, that’s DOMS, Delayed On Set Muscle Soreness and you need to roll away the tightness to help aid recovery. It’s like having a sports massage in the comfort of your lounge room floor. Perform this before and after your workout to reduce stiffness and aid mobility.



  1. Black Pilates Mat, $47.90. Trust me on this one, get a good quality mat and keep the colour dark. It will last much longer than cheaper versions and this version is made from quality foam- Nothing flimsy here! Great for your core work, stretches pushups and glute work. Give it a wipe down with wet cloth (hot water and disinfectant) once in a while to keep fresh.


  1. Skipping Rope, $4-20. Forget bulky cardio machines, this will sort your fitness levels out. Use your skipping rope to warm up before a weight session or incorporate it into a High Intensity Intervals Training (HIT). Just 10 mins of skipping burns 80-130 cals- that’s good output!


  1. Dumbbells, $4-100+ each. My best tip is to not get sucked into believing women need to lift light 1-2kg weights to see results of “lean long muscles”. Heavier lifting is the way to go to see a difference in your overall body shape and build curves where you don’t currently have them. Generally, I’ll start my girls with 5kg dumbbells and increase the weight from there. Even my weakest clients will always under estimate their strength initially. I would go with a set of 5kgs, 7.5kg and 10kgs. That way, you’ve got good progression for your arms and legs. The rubber hex are really durable, even when you drop them at the end of your tough set. (This is so me! It just feels good). Dumbbells are also less of storage hassle than a long barbell.


  1. Web Trainer $63.50. Fitness equipment that is easily stored and very portable is a freaking dream. The Web Trainer, with is a suspension trainer, will work your whole body (especially great on hitting those core muscles) and the best part? It simply attaches to a beam, door, wall or tree. Single leg squats, rows and planks on this are my top exercises.


  1. Kettlebells, $50-70 each. I love kettlebell training and it’s effects. If you want lean muscle gain, strength and co-ordination improvements them the bells are for you. I personally find starting off with an 8 or 12 kg kettlebell is a good starting point and then as you get stronger you can still use it for single arm work when it becomes too easy. For example you can do a kettle swing with two hands as a beginner move then move towards a single arm swing as a progression. If you have a little more room in your budget and you are more intermediate to advanced you would be doing yourself a favour by purchasing a heavy set , $269 for 3 (16, 20 and 24kg) and using those for swings, goblet squats, deadlifts, snatches and clean and presses.


Additional extras, where space permits:

– Stability Ball for core work

– Resistance bands

– Medicine Balls

– Pull up bar (fixed to the wall or door)

– Barbells


Boost your workouts with:

– Stereo

– Timer (using phone app or watch/stopwatch)

– Fresh air (open a few windows and get some fresh air)

– Comfy supportive sports bra plus gym outfit

– Diary (or app, such as GymHero, Argus etc) if you like to track your progress


What are your essentials in your home gym?

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