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6 Exercises To Improve Your Running

6 Exercises To Improve Your Running
I’ve come across people who are brilliant runners, I envy the fact the can cover all that ground, however I can’t help but also notice, those that run for km’s and km’s often neglect strength training and therefore are susceptible to injuries. “I don’t get injuries” I hear you say! Well, what about improving your run time/speed/stride etc? If that’s important, below are some key moves you should integrate into your training program.  I recommend doing the strength work separately or on a low mileage day. Look at these moves as providing a good base for future improvement!
1. Lunges: Walking lunges flat and uphill are an optimal leg strengthening move. Aim to add some walking lunges into your current run course or do them on a separate “strength training” day. 3-4 sets of 12-20 will do the trick.
 IMG_1954 (1)
2. Band walk: Will improve strength and stability in hips/glutes. This is a fundamental glute activation exercise.  Add 3-5 mins of this move as part of your warm up/mobility work. Aim for 20 paces left then 20 paces right. Keep tension on the band the whole time and repeat for 3-5 mins.

3. Spilt squat:

Another leg strength and stability move. Add 12-20 reps 3-4 sets on each side. Keep hips forward and remain parallel with feet. Try to keep your eyes fixed on a spot that isn’t moving- to help with balance.


4. Plyometric work: These help with explosive power
Try Squats, Step lift and Reverse step. Do them to time: 45 sec each, 3-4 rounds through.


5. Glute activation exercise plus the addition of working the hamstrings! Use a bench or the couch. Work on driving the hips up whilst squeezing the butt tight. Once competent try single leg, then introduce an unstable surface (swissball/BOSU). 15 reps for 3-4 sets

6. Core moves: You may not think core moves are essential for becoming a better runner but your running will improve once you become more stable through your core.
Arm to shoulder plank: Try 20 touches for 2-3 sets, resting in between. Keep hi

Are you a runner? What are you training for in particular?

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