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7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

These are 7 of many favourite straight forward ways to boost your metabolism. They are for everyone to gain benefit from. Let’s get stuck in and maximise our potential ASAP!

1. Move! Yep sounds simple but just the act of movement is enough to fire the old furnace up. Walk, run, swim, yoga, cycle, dance or row. Aim for everyday at least 20 minutes.

2. Train with weights,  adding muscle mass to your body is a key factor to boosting your metabolism. Those with a higher muscle to fat ratio will burn more calories at rest than someone with a lower muscle to fat ratio. Build muscle in both upper and lower body and try sets of 3-4 for 6-10 reps. Need a full body workout: squats, deadlifts, pushups and pull ups will be 4 moves to sort you out.

3. Add HIIT workouts to your training regime. 2-3 per week for a 20-25 maximum. These type of workouts also help minimise muscle wastage.

4. Quality not quantity. Adopt this method where your food is concerned. Think about where your food comes from and be aware of your overall calorie intake, especially where fat loss and changing your body composition is concerned. I love myfitnesspal , as a helpful tool to track calories. I minimise the crappy foods (der!) and pack in the fresh, wholefoods.

5. Protein rich foods take more calories to digest, so always have a protein rich diet. These can come from animal (fish, meat, chicken and dairy) and plant based foods (lentils, beans or nuts). Protein has that wonderful property of being able to keep you fuller for longer. I’ve personally toyed with a vegetarian based diet and it’s great for cramming in the veg but it doesn’t did it for me body composition wise- a meat rich, paleo-esque diet is for me (protein, plants, fruit, fats, low gi carbs and minimal processed grains/sugar/dairy).

6. There are many metabolism boosting drinks/shakes, MOST are a con whilst these 3 cheap and cheerful can actually help: Water, green tea and coffee (woohoo!) Science backs it, so start sipping. A cup each of coffee and green tea and at least 2 litres of H20 is a great addition to your daily fluid intake. Try to avoid sweetening your drinks with sugar go for fresh herbs or citrus instead.

7. RELAX. If you feel tried or stressed that’s your bodies way of telling us to slow day and recover. Take a load off and aim to get a nap or good nights restorative sleep. Rejuvenating yourself helps you perform at your optimum levels.

Are you in metabolism boost mode? How many of these principles do you follow?

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