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About Nat

Nat Carter

Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert , Nat Carter, wanted to create an atmosphere were woman could feel they could come for good quality ‘real life” information and therefore empower themselves to get healthier/fitter/stronger and more body confident.

As a PT, for over 14 years, she always had ladies wanting to know her health and fitness tips. You know, things such as: “what was the best diet”, “should I lift weights?” , why can’t l lose weight? And are crunches good for my tummy” where some of the common requests. So she decided she needed some kind of resource (blogs they were called..) and started an online community where she could share her expertise with others and the rest is history as they say.

Naturally, a social butterfly, she thrived on connecting with women from all over the globe and from all walks of life but with a central common goal “trying to achieve happiness and contentment in their own skin”. Many other trainers would tend to look it as losing weight to feel good or lifting weights to change your body shape but Nat, having gone through her own weight loss struggles herself, knew it was more than the outer exterior. You had to deal with the mind struggles too. She also realized the same way her face to face clients needed accountability, other women needed that too – no matter where they were. So she became a straight talking, no BS fitness cheerleader! YAY!

Nat says:

“I didn’t ever set out to become a “guru” of all things health and fitness or be that stereotypical female “Barbie” personal trainer. I just knew I had a gift to be able to show women there was a better way of balancing their body and lives through the introduction of healthier living and fitness. I’m just a regular (ish) woman who sees the potential in people and aims to bring it out of them! I’m naturally active, positive and just want my life to rock. I truly love what I do, would I really wake up at 5.30am if I didn’t?”

During her fitness blogging life, she has been able to develop programs and challenges accessible to her community; with the most successful to date, the 50DaysNoSugar Challenge – featured on Channel 7 Sunrise and SBS2 The Feed. She has also worked with Local & International brands and provided content to most of the major Australian magazines and websites: Cosmo, Women’s Health, Bride To Be, Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health & Fitness, Daily Life and Body & Soul.

Kick back, enjoy and get ready to take action towards a better YOU!

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