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Abs4Xmas December Challenge

Hmmmm…Yeah ok!
Want these abs? Oh Yes please!

What is Abs4Xmas? 

Some of you are still waiting for your prefect body right? Well there is no time like the present to go out there and get it! You’ve just come off NoSugarVember and lost some kgs or centimetres so now it’s time to keep the ball rolling and get some abs.

A strong and lean core (abs, tummy, stomach or washboard, whatever you want to call it) is really the ultimate want for most people who set out on a fitness plan. Gone are the days when crunches and side bends were all anyone did in the gym or on their lounge room floor. Fitness has evolved and so has our knowlegde. Abs are a product of clean eating and consistent effort with regards to moving your body. They don’t come from doing sit ups 300 times per day and following the latest fad diet.

How do you get it?

Check out this Amazing Abs Program and follow the NoSugarVember For Life Plan. To go one step better, if you would like a personalised food plan and/or a workout program for this challenge please contact me (natalie (at) newoutlookfitness (dot) com (dot) au) and we can discuss your requirements.

All you need to do is the program for 3-4 days per week along with whatever other exercise you are already performing. Continue on removing sugar and keeping your alcohol to under 6 drinks per week.
Take a before shot of your tummy so you have some photographic evidence of your progress. Don’t forget to wrap the tape measure around your navel also as a point of reference.

Again I’ll be twittering like mad and hoping to inspire some new followers to join us. As a bonus, I’ll be doing a core video on YouTube each week. Please use the hashtag #Abs4Xmas so you don’t miss out on any tweets or special interviews and updates.


1. See this program and watch the weekly videos my YouTube channel, print it off and stick it somewhere you’ll see it…and DO IT!!!!

2. Follow this eating plan

3. Take Measurements and a before photo. Also at the end of the challenge, an after photo

4. Tweet “I’m ready for #Abs4Xmas please @NewOutlookPT”

5. Stay committed (remember December 25th is a FREE DAY), tweet like you mean it and let’s do this.

I’ve got some exciting interviews and great recipes coming up so please watch this space.

Are you in? GOOOOOOOOO Team Abs4Xmas!

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