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Are You Sucking Or Succeeding At Weight Loss

I get the impression you are here because you are feeling like you are one of the following:  1. Killing your goals 2. Sucking hardcore or 3. A little of both. You also may be here because you are thinking who does this BITCH think she is? Well you are warranted in your opinion but I was a Former Fat Girl (FFG) and I do have over 12 years experience in helping clients work towards better, healthier, happier bodies. I am straight talking, a little brutal BUT I get results! So with that outta the way, let’s get to it!  

  • Your headspace says NO: I suck at life, I can’t, I won’t

  • You don’t realise food has a value therefore you don’t count calories

  •  You hate this (food) and this and this and don’t eat this and this and this and that and that

  •  You don’t exercise. (P.S: Hating exercise is different, heaps of my clients HATE exercise but they still do it. Hell! Sometimes I HATE exercise!)

  •  You take an all or nothing approach to everything in life including weight loss.

  •  You cut food groups (fats, carbs or protein) 


  • Your headspace says YES: bring this shit on, I will, I can, I am going to do this

  •  You realise food has a value. They are called calories

  • You eat to nourish and build not deprive 

  • You eat a variety of food from ALL food groups (carbs, fat and protein), daily

  • You have sat down and looked at your current diet and made alterations

  • You put limits on things e.g. “I wont drink 4 bottles of wine per week but I can have 4 glasses per week” or “I won’t have 7 burgers per week but one will fit my calorie budget”

  • You commit to your workouts and you make them count. Effective and meaningful. You train like me! 

  • You’ve made a decision that this is a lifestyle change and not another fad you’re going to do. You are sick of the dieting yo-yo cycle.

  • You have enlisted the help of a professional, a good one. The girl you sit next to at work is NOT a professional source of information, she may be skinny but does she really know the in’s and out’s of fat metabolism? 

  • You don’t make excuses for missing workout or eating crap. You simply own it. 

  • You use tools like macro/calorie counters ( My Macros or My Fitness Pal) to monitor you intake and progress. You fit in the foods you love without having to binge eat. 

Succeeding at weight loss, fat loss, dieting WHATEVER you want to call it, is all about being honest and willing to experience the highs and the lows. It’s not an easy road, we don’t REALLY want to deprive ourselves but unfortunately some sacrifices have to be made. 

THIS I KNOW: Move more, eat less crap, be positive, hang around positive peeps, be real, do the things you love and get outdoors. Believe in YOU

Embrace the changes that stand before you. You could really achieve BIG things! 

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