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8 Awesome Snack Bomb Ideas (Healthy Edition)

8 Awesome Snack Bomb Ideas (Healthy Edition)


What was that? Oh just a snack bomb going off in my mouth…*crickets*

OK, so I’m acting a little lame- I’ll be the first to admit but I’m keen to talk full flavoured snack bombs and even share some of my favourites.

Cue photo gallery

The carrot cracker, hummus dip and olive snack bomb

That salty, creamy, crunchy bite all in one (featured above). Slice carrots, add some hummus dip (I love Yumi dips) and plop on an olive

The Apricot & Coconut or Lemony bliss ball snack bomb

The perfect bite sized mouthful for a pre or post workout snack. Apricot & Coconut recipe or Lemony ones. Not fussed about the preparation part and want to buy 100% natural packaged ones? Try here


The Straight Up Avo snack bomb

Plain and simple deliciousness. Halve an avo and add a little dressing inside the avo seed hole (It’s like it was made for it. Hello 1970s dinner party). SIDE NOTE: How wacky is this avo?!


The Oh So Nice Choc Chip Cookie snack bomb 

Chickpeas are the main component here and then add fluffiness and biscuity texture you’d expect from a cookie. Seriously, who are we without a little bit of dark chocolate?! Run don’t walk people! Recipe is here


The Egg And A Few Soldiers snack bomb 

Very underrated and often under utilised but a boiled egg and soldiers is a solid snack for mid morning or even the arvo.



The Fruity Chia snack bomb 

Prepare the night before and let me tell you- it’s so easy! Recipe is here 


The Celery and PB snack bomb

Oh no she didnt?! Oh. yes. I. Did. Celery and PB a match made in healthy food heaven. I’m loving Pics PB (it’s out of this world!)


The Wacky Smoothie snack bomb

Add a tsp of turmeric to a frozen banana, some honey, splash of coconut cream or milk (if tolerated) and coconut water- WOWzers! Anti-inflammatory, a great option for winter


Have you got a snack bomb combo you can swing by me? 

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