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Becoming Financially Fearless

Becoming Financially Fearless

Becoming financially fearless wasn’t something I set out to do consciously but perhaps on a sub conscious level I manifested “stuff” and that’s the direction my life has followed. A lot of us have fear around money and it really doesn’t have to be this way!

I don’t believe anyone must be financially wealthy to feel rich, I know a lot of complete a**holes that have plenty of money but aren’t nice, well rounded people. The thing that money does give you though is “room”, space to breathe. Options and time.

We are all super busy and frantic with our lives now. At the click of a button we can have a Louis Vuitton shipped out or a Spring dress for the races mailed within 3 hours- we are being forced to spend, spend and then spend. We are all being sucked in the total and utter consumerism and it’s totally unhealthy for our bodies and minds. It may shock you but I’m really quite frugal, I have conscious limits within myself and I sticking to them. I feel more free, happier and have been forced to find other ways to reward myself.

Over the course of my working life (let’s say 15 years), I’ve been able to run a business, buy property, travel the world, have the things I want and remain out of consumer debt for a large part of that time. However, it wasn’t always like this- I used to frequently come home to HUGE credit card bills and regularly felt sick to my stomach with the thought of paying it all off. What has changed? Well, me. My attitude to money has totally changed. I did an audit of my spending habits and got down and dirty with the numbers! Here’s what really worked for me:

What You Measure Gets Managed

It’s like stepping on the scale and wrapping the tape measure around your waist by simply finding out where you are, you get a snap shot to work from and then improve. Similarly with money, when you start looking at your in and out goings then you can start to see where you can pull back. Don’t fear this step- it’s simply part of the process.

Find Out Your Non-Negotiable’s

For me, going without a pedicure or manicure and all the clothing items that seem to accumulate- why does someone need 12 pair of coloured pants and when did I actually buy that?- easy peasy. However, missing out on my sports massage or eyebrow wax- not going happen. Yes I can stretch it out a little but I’m not prepared to forfeit them and you must find the things you can scrimp on and splurge on. Even the super rich have budgets- they are penny pinchers from way back. The most important thing I regularly ask myself is, does this “insert service” make me more productive or increase my mood to then help me perform better?”. If it does then it stays. When it comes to shopping, I now only buy “nice” things that will stand the test of time and I’ll try to think about the actual need for the purchase.

Cut Down On Food Waste

I find shopping every 2-3 days helps cut down on food waste and I have to say avoiding the main chain supermarkets has done wonders for me. I love shopping for fresh veg, fruit and meat locally and smaller, then just getting a few basic items for a big grocery store when the time comes. I always buy bulk items where I can: toilet paper, laundry powders etc. It saves time and money. I also love using those odds and ends in the veggie crisper for stews, soups or in sauces, nothing goes to waste in my house.

Find Ways To Feel Rich Without Spending Money

Spend time with loved ones, learn new skills, read, be outdoors, give back to your community, meditate, spend time with animals, exercise, share your talents with others, fall in love, give love and love yourself. Technically, travel involves speeding money but the experiences you gain whilst participating are priceless. Travelling doesn’t always mean 5 start luxury resorts- anyone can throw a few pieces of clothing into a backpack and start exploring where ever they are.

Slim Down & Detox Your Beauty Bag

These days, I’m going for more of a toxin free approach to my skin care routine. Simply using oils to cleanse my skin (and seriously if you haven’t tried it, it’s a must), a little bi carb to buff/scrub- as it’s so much more gentle than all those terrible microbeady type scrubs and then oils to moisturise. My skin is glowing and so hydrated! My skincare used to cost well over $50 each for each product (minimum 4 per use)

Live In The Land Of Abundance

Stop living in a negative headspace and start practising that FREE feeling. It only gets better the more you try to work on it. I’ll use myself as an example- I’m a Personal Trainer, In Sydney, where there are about 70 million PT’s rolling around. All doing the same (ish) thing- helping people lose weight. If I truly believed the market was saturated I would have been out of business a loooong time ago. I honestly believe we attract our tribe with our vibe, so to believe I will have an endless stream of clients and “work” is the path I’m going to take. No one has my personality or approach and that is a very cool and unique thing. You are in the exact same position. No one is you and you are unique.

Goal Setting To Get The Things You Want

Before you roll your eyes, I’ll tell you another little story. I love goal setting or simply journalling the stuff I want in life. Every year I make lists and just write all the stuff I ”want”. Sometimes it’s fickle stuff- I want a Chanel bag or a Cartier Watch but crazily I’ve goal set so many things in my life- like my partner, my house, my work hours. Basically my life. Call me crazy but I’m telling you those intentions, the stuff you write down, can EASILY become reality. I know you are thinking how did I goal set/manifest a human being (my partner) but it’s the qualities I wanted in a man that I wrote down and how I pictured my life to be with a partner that I focused on and low and behold- bar a few quirks and odd ball stuff- I practically got what I asked for. It wasn’t because I wished or prayed for stuff to fall out of the sky but I tuned into the important stuff, filtered out the bad and went after it.

Save Money & Take Control Of Debt

I don’t believe anyone needs to tell you to set a certain amount of money aside each week/month but I do think you should always have a little back up in case the going gets tough or for holidays/luxury purchases etc. We all could do with pull backing from the “Buy Buy Buy” mentality we all seem to have and start being more controlled with our purchases, even going one better and upcycling goods we already have. Put simply, stop spending money you don’t have just to keep up with the Jones’…or your Facebook friends. Cash is king!

Improve Your Financial Position

Ask yourself- Do you really want to live in a rented flat forever? Do you really want to be Mr X’s lackie your whole working life? Do you want to stop asking your partner for your allowance? If you don’t like your current circumstances, change them. Save for a house deposit, upskill, ask for help, work for yourself, start up that amazing business you’ve always wanted to or go back into the workforce now that your kids have grown up. Whatever it is, take the chance.

Quit The No-Brainers

If for some reason you are still smoking/taking drugs/drinking excessively, drinking soft drink and eating fake, chemical laden foods- Get rid of it!

Are you a saver or a spender?

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