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The Best Eliminiation Diet

The Best Eliminiation Diet

Are you ready for a new level of brillance? Ready for your best life yet? It’s all going to be possible thanks to my revolutionary NEW ELIMINATION DIET

You will need to get rid of a few things but I promise you’ll feel lighter, refreshed and have a kick ass all round glow

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Get ready to shed…..


You’ll need to tell negativity to GTFO of your life. The shit friendships, the bad love affairs, the anger you hold over certain past situations, the hours on social media you’ll never get back staring at people you don’t know from a bar of soap. Negativity doesn’t really want to leave easily, you’ll have to be dillgent and practice being positive on a regular basis. You’ll have to choose happiness. You’ll have to stop yourself when you feel pulled into a negative headspace. You may need to talk to a professional to help you deal with your unhappy feelings. There are options, you can move towards the light.

Crappy food

Get with the program girlfriend! Some of that crappy food has got to go. Dump it now. Make a pact with yourself that you will opt for more produce (like fresh stuff- veg, fruit, meat, dairy, good fats like avo’s and nuts) and less products (that’s stuff in boxes and packets filled with weird numbers and fillers that you simply don’t need). Learn to feel what your body likes to eat and how it performs when you eat like this. You don’t need a manual – eat intuitively


What is it that you are feeling so guilty about? Who made you feel like that? Did you really do something that bad to warrant years and years of feeling like you’ve done something horrible and wrong? Maybe someone has made you feel like that? If so you’ll have to refer to the first step: Negativity and remove the source from your world. It may also be times to make peace with yourself and work towards a future where guilt and shame doesn’t exist- where you don’t alow it to penetrate your force field. Ain’t nobody got time for that


Do you have a lot of stuff? I’m talking multiples of the same item (maybe in different colours) or a house filled with clutter/nicknacks or does the urge to go shopping each week to purchases something (anything) new to fill a space or a void in your life owerpower you? Does having that stuff around you make you feel safe and secure? Does it make you feel successful? What if all that stuff was gone tomorrow? All wiped out in the blink of an eye in some terrible fire or earthquake. How would you feel? Devastated?…or perhaps Lighter? Free? I’m not asking you to rid your life of your all possessions but I am asking you to contemplate a life with less stuff. Stuff weighs us down. Stuff turns into more stuff. We get addicted to having better stuff. It’s a cycle. A cycle that you can stop by simply buying less. Buying stuff constantly is a strain on the environment- especially disposables like plastic. Have a declutter, buy less stuff, live simply.


It’s time to get strong! It’s time to push your body the way it was designed to be exert energy. Exercise, do yoga, lift weights, walk, run, swim- whatever form takes your body towards strength. Try to be regular in your movements- each day if possible. Nothing that stresses you out, just something for 20-45 minutes per day that perks your mood, makes you feel a little tingly and refreshed. Don’t stop after 2 weeks, keep going.


Is your life feeling a little same same? Does the mundane way of life get you down? You have the ability to inject a little fun and adventure into your life. How? You get to do whatever the FUCK you want to do with your life. It’s YOUR life. Everything in life is workoutable- by that I mean there is always a solution that you can work around or figure out to suit you. Be brave and do what makes you FEEL. Have a once in lifetime holiday, go for that new job that looks scary but is totally your thing, Start a business, climb a mountain, move out of the city.


Ah yes, the old theif of joy- comparison! Women are brilliant at doing this, hourly if not daily. “Megan is such a good mum, my kids aren’t even dressed, I’m a shit mum”, “Wow, Look at Sarah, she just got a promotion. She is so good at her job” “Oh Elizabeth is so skinny, so doesn’t even have to work out. I could never look like her” and on and on it goes. Most of the time just a word vomit of ridiculous phrases that have no true meaning but constantly invade our subconscious. Listen up, I’ll say this clearly:


Move on from others and put the work and effort into your self. You are enough and so is she.

How are we feeling? Don’t you feel like this diet is actually attainable?


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