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Best Workout For Rocking Those Curves In A Bikini

Don’t you dare tell me I’m getting organised too early, Spring is practically on our doorstep so that means SUMMER is mere months away- Bikini’s at the ready! It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are- I’m definitely no bikini model but I still rock one. I feel “together enough”to do so and I hope I encourage some of you girls to do so to. I also REALLY hate tan lines, so a bikini minimises that!  Everyone is self conscience at some stage but living in fear and never setting forth on a beach isn’t going to fix the problem, it’ll make you it’s bitch! The key is to be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. 
Proactive: “Oh, I feel my legs need a little more definition, I haven’t made that much time to exercise lately. I’ll go squat and jump and run and WORKOUT while tightening up my diet”. 
Reactive: Looks in mirror while naked, eating a block of chocolate and holding a cheeseburger. “OMG, how did this happen?! Life is so hard, how will I ever go to the beach now. It must be my bad genes. WAHHHHHHH. I think the solution is also to cancel my gym membership!”  

If we are to succeed at beach confidence and bikini wearing, we can never shy away from a stern pep talk “YOU LOOK HOT, YOU ARE CONFIDENT, YOU”VE GOT THIS! Plus a little booty work and core tightening! This series below is one of my favourites and also the most frequently asked for from ladies worldwide. These exercises help target ass, arms, core, thighs and butt. Errrrything that is on display in a bikini or cossie as us Aussies say!

1. The Step Up & Lift

Follow through with the hips and squeeze the glute at the top. I’d go with holding dumbbells by your side or a barbell across your back. Stay tall.

2. The Hip & Thigh Extension

A pre squeeze is essential, engage your cheeks (of the butt variety) then lift. Push through your heels not too much in the toes. Just lay the bar or even a weight plate onto on your hips, pelvis and “area”. If you are quite precious use a mat between the weight and you.

3. The Good Morning

Use control and get lighter to work on technique first

4. Curtsy/Cross Over Lunge.

As the name suggests, you curtsy into this one. Sitting into the backs of the legs and butt. Again, technique over weight. Do not lean forward! If anything lean back into the legs.

5. The Woodchoop

It’s a flowing motion, engage the core and put some power behind the move. Use a weight, cable or med ball.

6. The Bicycle

Keep those shoulders down and the abs on. Slow and controlled and really aim to extend the leg out.

Try this series in a circuit type style focusing on 12 reps of each and repeat 4-5 rounds. You’ll use a weight that means you can only perform 12 reps and no more, test yourself out and then increase weight as you get stronger. Once you’ve performed your lifting circuit go blast some more body fat with a HIIT session. Try 1 min alternating intervals (1 min sprint and 1 min medium speed) on the rower for a total of 15-18mins. You can also use my HIIT 5 workout program

Workout designed by: Nat Carter, PT & Transformation Coach
Bikinis: Seafolly
Images: Sourced from Google

Will you be rocking a bikini this Summer?

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