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Caim & Able Body Scrub Review

Caim & Able Body Scrub Review

I recently tried the Caim & Able Coconut and Lime, ultra hydrating body scrub recently and let me tell you first off the smell is AH-MAZING- It’s a lemon meringue pie and tropical holiday all in one!

A body scrub is a weekly essential for my natural beauty regime, I mena who doesn’t want nourished, smooth skin?

With the therapeutic effects of magnesium oil from the Dead Sea. No artificial or synthetic ingredients. 100% Australian made and owned + Handcrafted + small batches plus suitable for all goddess skin types. A perfect item for any green/natural beauty bag

You can use the scrub on a twice weekly basis (younger skin) or every day or every second day. I’ve been using it weekly and I”m really happy with that schedule.

I love that when you purchase a Caim and Able product you invest in the safety of families fleeing domestic violence. A great product with a social conscious!

This product is prefect for the whole body paying particular attention to the back area- I know this can be a challenging area for sweat to hang out when you exercise and therefore leads to the dreaded “back acne”. The Caim & Able scrub will not only remove any bumpiness (it really smooths out the skin) but leave it hydrated.   

Other products include: Magnesium Oil Spray and Magnesium Salts (perfect for relaxation and recovery)

Head to Caim & Able to purchase from their range

*product was gifted

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