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Can’t We All Just Enjoy Our Food?

Can’t We All Just Enjoy Our Food?

Prepare for a food/diet rant tidal wave!

Being a negative, unkind asshole makes you fat, not a few potatoes

Stress and unhappiness makes you overweight, not a square of chocolate at night

Eating a whole egg and not being a complete wasteful person doesn’t mean your can’t have abs

Not fulfilling your dreams makes your pants tight not a scoop of ice cream

A slice of bread won’t give you cellulite riddled thighs

Worry more about how you talk about yourself and others rather than a dollop of mayo on your plate

Having a glass or two of wine doesn’t mean you are an unhealthy human

Eating carbs at night doesn’t cause obesity

Just because you ate a sausage sandwich when you went to a local sporting event doesn’t mean you should give up your fitness regime

When you order a side of bacon with your eggs, your ass won’t immediately suck up those calories and explode

We need to get out of this habit of demonising particular foods- any foods in excess (even “healthy” stuff) will cause weight gain. Just because you are a vegetarian, Paleo, a raw foodie, a gym going meat head, sugar dodger, vegan etc you really can’t get on your high horse and tell the world your diet is superior. There will always be a trade off that someone else will see as unattainable.

Imagine for a crazy second, approaching every meal with joy, longing and excitement?! How amazing would that feel. Thanking Mother Nature for providing and giving yourself a pat on the back for your cooking skills?!

I’m trying so hard not to think certain foods are “going to make me fat” and just enjoy if the process of cooking, eating and sharing food. Eat EVERYTHING in moderation- Avoid disordered eating and portion distortion. Where has our joy gone? It’s been hijacked by dieting, food police and self loathing!

Before you roll your eyes, I’m not talking about being a total pig and making myself sick with shitty food and having a binge-a-thon. I’m talking about removing guilt and it actually benefiting your body. Sitting down with your family (sans phones)- talking and interacting. Getting back to basics. Eating pasta without immediately the feeling the gluten entering every orifice or having a few corn chips with guac at a bbq. Knowing that this “sometimes” food isn’t everyday food. That tomorrow or at the next meal, you’ll just eat fresh, wholesome food and your world won’t crumble.

Who is with me? Thanks for the FB Support ladies, read more comment’s here

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