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Celebrate Your Greatness & Dump That Negative Vibe

You deserve greatness. You deserve happiness. Negativity is not your friend. Positivity vibes are way better than negativity. You’ve just gotta strive to be a great, happy, positive being!

Sounds simple enough!

We all have dark days, those days when life is just getting us down. Resilience & tenacity are powerful and wonderful traits to possess. A resilient spirit picks us up, shakes off the dirt and tells us “just keep going”. Ms tenacious won’t be told no, she is strong, powerful and know where she is headed.

It’s time to head towards celebrating your greatness and dump that negative ‘tude.  These 7 steps should sort you out.

1. Acknowledge Your Greatness

Why are you great? What did you do? Recall your great moments and tell people. Heck, shout it from the rooftops. It’s totally ok to tell people you have achieved something wonderful and amazing. Stay humble but don’t hide.

2. Be Thankful

Celebrate the simple things in life: Like the fact you are freaking alive, you know, celebrate the little things. Our tech controlled lives may us pine for more, for bigger everything’s and better everything’s. Stop it. Take a breath and just be in the moment of where you are right now.

3. Be Giving

Go out of your way to be kind. A smile or a kind word to a stranger. Love your family. Help a colleague solve a problem. Giving shouldn’t be awkward or hurt you in any way, it should feel NICE. It should make your insides swell a little- that’s your heart heaving with niceness.

4. Abundance vs Prosperity

Abundance is generally on most people’s wish list/vision board “I want to create an abundant life” however a lot of us confuse abundance with prosperity. Abundance is “overflowing fullness”. That could be in relation to work, life, love, etc. Define exactly what it is you want to be abundant in.
Prosperity is the actually the money stuff. Don’t get it twisted or don’t wait for the CASH MONEY when you clearly aren’t aware of what you really want- I want to be rich doesn’t equal I want to live an abundant life.

5. Dump Bad Relationships

Oh yeah baby, we’ve allllll been there. The thought of leaving those relationships can feel super bad at the time. It’s gut wrenching. You make lists. You ask friends advice. You may fear being alone but you have to ask yourself; “Why do I let (insert name) treat me like that?” or “Why do I stay when I know it’s bad” or “Is this what true love is?” or “Why do I let that person zap so much of my time and energy”. These may be friendships, partnerships, business relationships and parental relationships. It’s time to go through ALL your relationships with a fine tooth comb.. You have NO TIME to allow people to treat you poorly. You deserve BETTER. Weed out the negative Nancy’s

6. Ditch The Past

You have no room for guilt or resentment, get rid of past shit in your life. Just get rid of it….or burn it. Yep, physically set your past crap alight. Write it down on some paper and burn it- finished! Move on. Dwelling on your shoulda, coulda, woulda’s is soul destroying. Be better than your past mistakes. Stick to your plans and move forward.

7. Integrity

Be true, be ethical. You know when shit isn’t right or you are being dodgy, so don’t do that bad stuff
Be credible and build trust with people. Be a role model.

How do you celebrate your greatness and dodge the negative Nancy’s? 

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