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Coconut Rough Bliss Balls

Remember Coconut Rough? Back before the awesome NoSugarVember challenge was created chocolate and sugary snacks always managed to rear their ugly head into my life and yours. Now its time to get creative, continue to ditch the sugar (we’ve almost done 30 days so why stop now?) and march successfully through our newly sugar-free lives.

I’ve come up with this genius recipe for delectable Coconut Rough NoSugarVember Balls, one out of boredom (too much rain makes me insane!) and two out of needing to give you guys a dessert option in case the sugar fairy comes knocking on your door.

The combination of chocolate, coconut, nut butters and chia seeds really checks off all the boxes when it comes to needing a delicious sweet snack. Most awesome that about this one is, it’s within acceptable sugar guidelines for NoSugarVember! Healthier than sugar filled chocolate bars. These taste the chocolate should taste, dark and rich.


4 heaped tablespoons of nut butter (use my recipe and choose your favourite nuts. I used almonds and cashew butter)
1 large teaspoon of dark chia seeds
100g of Coconut flakes dried (unsweetened and just blitz them up)
2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder or unsweetened cocoa (cocoa is heat treated & therefore a little more refined, my preference is cacao powder. Available from health food stores, even some Woolies/Coles)

Chuck all ingredients into a food processer and WHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZ till combined. It should be a wet-ish mix that you can then roll. You may need to add some more nut butter if it doesn’t come together and if it’s too sloppy add some more coconut. Depending on what nuts you use you may find the consistency varies- don’t freak out, just add or subtract as stated before.

Roll out into balls (you are aiming to make approx 18). Have slightly damp hands when rolling out the balls, this helps form the balls.

Next, pop into the fridge to firm up. Store in an airtight container (they’ll be good for a week, if not more).

Dust with some extra cacao or even roll in more coconut (before sticking them in the fridge)

These are gluten free and super delicious. Enjoy! FYI: 2 balls are definitely enough of a hit, don’t go crazy. Average calories per ball is 50cals….AWESOME! Great for a snack especially before a workout. Go the protein boost.

Do you any new NoSugarVember recipes to share?

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