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CONTROL CITY: Population You

Asserting your own personal self control is a valuable tool to hold. When we are on a transformation journey or even just a minor fitness upgrade, we are constantly bombarded with challenges and obstacles. How many times have you told your friends you are giving up chocolate, only to have them shove a block of your favourite right under your nose. Talk about pressure. What about when you tell your partner about your new weight loss regime and he just scoffs and says “What? Again?..You won’t last a week!” You may laugh or sneer at this but it is so true and I see these situations crop up all the time. Sticking to your goals, whatever they may be, is challenging at the best of times let alone when your friends become involved. You’ve heard of Peer Pressure- That’s it right there. It’s staring you in the face. You don’t have to be 15. It happens at all stages of our lives. How you handle yourself is either your making or your undoing.

The people closest to us usually want the best for us. Some friends and family members can be your most valued support network whilst other pals hate seeing you in pain or going without, so they do all they can in their power to “help you out”. Wise up folks. This is sabotage!

How our loved ones hinder us:

– Your mum celebrates your first week on your new eating plan, with a massive piece of her famous calorific chocolate cake

– The friend they takes you out drinking..oh and dancing (but it’s like such good exercise!) Meanwhile  20 drinks later she’s holding your hair back .

How they help:

– There is the friend who goes for a run with you to kick start our exercise routine

– Your boyfriend who suggests healthy options instead of your late night chocolate binge.

So now you’ve identified how you can be sabotaged and the ways people can do it, lets look at some easy ways to prevent you falling on the wagon.

1. Sit down with all your friends and family and express how important their support is. Tell them you will have to cut them off if they keep influencing your path of changes in a negative way. Your REAL friends will not leave you high and dry, they will realise how you feel and do the best they can to support you. You need to voice how you feel firstly though. People aren’t mind readers.

2. Don’t decline every party invitation that comes your way because you think you can’t control yourself. Have fun but just set limits. That sounds so simple but it is tough. Plan your food and drinks before you leave and stick to your plan while you are at your event. If weight loss if important to you, try not to consume more than 4 drinks per week.

3. Invite your friends to participate in “active catch ups”. Meet for a walk and talk. Have a jog then a coffee by the beach. Stage a healthy dinner, invite all your friends around and show them that healthy food is fun and delicious. Be an educator. Healthy eating is not about carrot sticks and lettuce leaves. Try here for healthy, easy recipes

4. Remind yourself why you are on a path of change in the first place. Keep a journal, if that works for you. Try Inspirational quotes may help or a picture of some killer legs may keep you away from your biscuit jar. If you chip away at building your self-control if only gets easier to say NO to your negative ways.

5. Be realistic! I sound like a broken record but seriously, set realistic targets. Don’t attempt to lose 4 kilos in a week. Try 4-8 weeks. You want it to stay off, right? Slowly but surely.

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