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Cool Breeze: 10 Things I love about Autumn

Summer is offically dead and buried, sad. We have suffered through the stinkin’ hot days and mosqutio slapping nights. It’s time for a cool change, Autumn is here and what better way to welcome it than with a “10 things I love about” post. If you are having summer withdrawals, read this post on summer , it may just give you the fix you need.

1. Autumn Fruit and Vegetables: Time to switch your fruit and veg over. Eating seasonally is so good for you. The produce hasnt been hanging around in a freezer all year. Try to buy organic and from a farmers market (or similar). Great choices at the moment: Sweet potatoes, kiwi-fruit, pears, squash, gala apples, zuchinni and  silverbeet (yum! make my easy spanakopita)

2. High Intensity training: We were training hard in Summer but now we can step it up another level. It’s not so hot now so everyone can push their limits a little further. My favourite way to train? High intensity (jump squats, lunges, sprints) paired with core and resistance training (squats, dead lifts, presses and push ups) I give it all I’ve got over a 45 minute period and then I stretch and foam roll. Ah, Bliss!

3. Long sleeve’s: Yep, I’ve started with the jackets (light weight but coverage) already. I’m loving my Puma jacket. Perfect to throw on and off, in the chilling morning and cloudy, cooler afternoons.

4. Soups: As it chills down, a much loved dinner staple will be enjoyed in our household. Try this beauty 

5. Nights in: If I’m perfectly honest, I’ve been doing this a lot lately. I love a night in (or chilly arvo) with a DVD. Can you get much better? I’ve recently had a gander at Social Network, Boy and The Ghost Writer .

6. Autumn = Easter: My awesome friend from NZ has already started me off, she sent me a big chocolate “Happy Easter” coin…mmm delicious. I was a little disturbed though when I saw Easter eggs in the supermarkets after Australia Day (Jan 26th). Can we get over one celebration before the next one hits us, please!!!

7. Higher Metabolism’s: Yep, you are reading that correctly. As the weather cools down, your body is forced to speed up your metabolism to keep it warm and functioning at optimal levels. If you stick to a balanced diet and maintain your exercise you could be in for a weight loss windfall, for not really doing much! Awesome

8. Bed Socks and Gumboots: The uglier the better I say. I love hanging around the house in my bed socks. I’ve even managed to find the kind with the little anti-slip stickers on them! Man, I rocked my Hunter gummies last season. I love those gumboots. They were great for the early morning sessions in the park when the ground is all dewy and muddy. Much nicer than soggy wet running shoes all day (obviously I don’t run in my Hunter’s! They are great when I don’t do my physical sessions)

9. The trees losing their leaves: We have a giant maple outside our place and it’s already showing signs that the brown leaves are on their way.

10. Decorating: I love a new season because I get to transform the house from the summer beach house look  to a slightly cosier, warmer feel. even though Sydney doesn’t experience massive drops in temperature, I like to imagine I’m in a little lighthouse somewhere on the edge of the earth. I’m on the hunt for a giant (ugly but pretty) old chair that I can get re-covered and big “nanna blanket” (crocheted would make me die..I want crochet!).

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? Is it your favourite season?

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  1. I like the colors of Autumn but I think my favorite season is Spring!!

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