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Core Stability: A Flat Tummy Minus The Crunches

My school of thought? Flat abs rarely result from loads of sit-ups and crunches (flexion based). In my land (i.e my body) it just creates bulk in my tummy (who actually wants that?) and also tightness and weirdness in my back, chest and hip flexors.

So what do I recommend instead?

Creating stability (and strength) in the core and spine! Working from the inside out to strength but more importantly flatten and also prevent lower back weakness.

Without sounding like a twat: Abs are mostly made in the kitchen. It’s been said one million times by myself and many, many other fitness peeps. Stop using ab or core work as the base of how to “let’s get a flat tummy”.

Fitness professionals you can go here and learn from the master:
Stuart McGill is a guru (professor!) in the fitness and performance world

3 Moves that I absolutely love and use all the time in my outdoor group personal training sessions

Start out with reps of 12 and aim for between 2-4 sets. Slow and controlled is key to these moves being effective.

Planks elbow/shoulder touches

Ab circles on swissball

Lying leg lowers

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