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Dairy Free Nice Cream 2 Ways

Wait….what is nice cream?

Cool kids (usually vegans) call banana blended in a food processor or similar- Nice Cream. Clearly I’m aging and my patience is wearing thin. I simply call this banana ice cream but whatevs


It gives you that cool hit like ice cream usually does, even a brain freeze but without the added sugar, dairy and badies they put in ice-cream (preservatives and the like). Eat it for breakfast?…ok!

Did you know?

1. Removing sugar will cause your ice cream to become a bit more “icy”. So if you do want to make this then refreeze I suggest leaving it on the bench to defrost slightly and then stirring it up a little. The best suggestion? Make batch by batch that way it’s instant gratification and will be way better

2. Adding fat, say coconut cream helps keep the nice cream softer and creamier! I make my popsicles this way and even add blitzed up nuts (another fat). They are very close to that store bought softness

I always keep a bunch (LOL) of frozen bananas on hand for when the nice cream mood strikes. Always PEEL you bananas and keep them in an air tight freezer proof container. Buy Australian, after our recent berry saga, it’s so so important.

Save a dollar: Buy the cheap brown spotty bananas! They are perfect for this recipe and Protein Banana bread

Serves 4:

Standard version

Slurp of coconut cream
4 frozen bananas (broken into small pieces)

Place in a food processor, Nutribullet or similar and blend till smooth and ice creamish. You can totally omit the coconut cream and use full fat milk (if you want to have dairy) or choose water or another nut based milk to loosen up the bananas.

Chocolate nice cream version

Above recipe and add 2 tbsp of raw cacao powder and 2 tbsp Peanut butter

I did a half and half version, so just blended half the bananas with “chocolate” recipe and half with the standard version to create a rippling effect in the serving glass.


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