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Devastation In The Nation: There Are Foot Complication’s

Devastatingly, I have had to pull out of the Half Marathon (Sydney, September 19th) due to foot complications. I was doing approx 40km a week of running and my terribly pronated feet don’t like that.  Almost a year ago I had a stress fracture in my left foot, so I know when not to push my dumb feet! I’ve worn orthotics previously but it had been a while since I’d bothered to wear them.

Here’s a snapshot of a normal foot (left) and a pronated foot (right)

And these my friends are my shocking feet! Don’t laugh. I’m a pronator! Oh and further up are my shocking hyper extended knees and as you keep travelling up you will find a rotated pelvis too, eek! I’m a freak! Well, No not really. I do actually work on correcting/strengthening my posture, but my clients tend to come first. They get the time and they all have nicer cores, and posture than me!

So following a recommendation from a client, I popped myself along to the Foot Alignment Clinic in Sydney and had a consultation. I was pleasantly surprised with my custom made orthotics and I wanted to share it with you all. Lots of normal people have these common postural problems and it’s with the help of FAC that you can live and move pain-free. 

I have had many casts and sets of orthotics made for my feet but the extraordinary thing about these orthotics are that your foot gets cast while standing. Many Podiatrists still follow the norm of casting while the patient is seated. I’m no podiatrist but this way of casting has always puzzled me, considering I would be standing and moving in my orthotics I have always thought you should be cast standing. The patented Foot Alignment System sounded like just what I needed and when I was referred to the clinic I was excited to say the least.

My foot was cast and 10 days later I had my new FAC orthotics in my hot little hands, well shoes actually. Immediately I noticed a difference in these insoles. They were supportive and structured but less aggressive than all other orthotics I had worn previously. I had no pain while wearing them and I felt taller and more supported the whole day. My knees even have a nice little bend in them now. I’m sure over time they will only feel better. One of my first runs will be the 9 km Bridge Run, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and then I’ll be back on track with my normal running routine.

Do you have foot problems when running? Tell me so I don’t feel like the only flat, footed freak!
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  1. I have suffered from plantar fascitis for the past couple of years and had exhausted all types of therapy, from: cortisone injected straight into heel, to flying from Perth to Sydney to visit heel specialist clinc all to no avail. I too fall in on my right foot and have flat arches, the pain from excercising just made it unbearable in the mornings and sleeping each night with ice packs bandaged around my heels was taking its toll !!
    My saviour was an article in mens health magazine on a guy who visited the fascitis clinic in US. They recommended squats before/after exercise, it has worked a treat. I do 10 each morning befor exercise and finish with 10 after exercise. Good Posture and stretching especially the hamstrings has also helped. Everynight whilst in shower I quietly thank my feet for behaving today and give them a massage, followed by some moisturiser and it seems to be working..Good luck with those damn feet. Cheers Kathy

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