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Ditch Your Workout Hang Ups & Just Get Out There! #jointhemovement

Ditch Your Workout Hang Ups & Just Get Out There! #jointhemovement

This sponsored post has been presented by Queensland Government, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

How many times have you embarked on a fitness and health journey only to be sabotaged by your own hang ups? You sign up to the gym and you feel like a thousand pairs of eyes are watching your every bicep curl or rowing stroke? Trust me I know what that feels like, I’m a PT and fitness expert who has worked with thousands of women over my career and they have told me how they feel, why they throw in the towel and why they feel it hard to get back out there and try again. So let’s identify some of the common hangups and how you can build your confidence to get back out there, get fit, feel amazing and finally stick to something long term.


I’m not fit/strong enough! 

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this one. You will get fitter and stronger by completing more activity, unfortunately we don’t get fitter and stronger by lying on the couch with popcorn and Netflix (damn!). You need to apply the overload principle to exercise- gradually building up to more and more to get results and know this everybody finds it tough when they first start (huffy/puffy/sore muscles etc) but these all dissipates the stronger and fitter you get. You then just keep getting better!


Everyone will be looking at me 

Newsflash- everyone is looking at themselves! Gyms aren’t for everyone, trust me I spent years working in one, I totally get it. You have options: outdoor training in a group (my fave), dance classes/lessons, joining a sports team, swimming/golf/tennis clubs,


I don’t have time 

Simple solution: make time. Who says you have to move for hours per day? 10 minutes blocks repeated 2-4 times throughout the day may be better for you. If you have kiddies then organise a play date and take time out for yourself to complete your workout.


I like my body just the way it is

Excellent and I totally applaud you for being comfortable in your own skin. I will ask you this though- are you having with your mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, strength levels, flexibility, hormone levels, eating habits, speed, reflex skills. What am I getting at? In my opinion, there’s so much more to fitness and health than just what we look like! Exercising improves all our these issues. Working out never has to be about weight or body fat or size. Embrace the journey to feeling better not just looking better- prevention is better than cure so they say!


I’m not coordinated 

I get this one because I see with clients that it can be a little tough to pick up new skills. Guess what? Learning new skills keeps our brain active and young! You don’t have to learn 10 new skills just 1-2 will make a difference. The more you can increase your confidence the quicker you’ll pick up new skills and be ready to add more to your skill set. We were born to be real not perfect.


It’ll cost too much

Group fitness and sports cost less than 1-1 personal training session and even some group classes. If your budget is literally zero there are so many ways to move your body for zero dollars. The best things in life are free!:


Bush Walk

Dance in your lounge room

Run around your local path

Cycle or borrow a friends bike

Use community/council workout stations

Take the kids outside and play cricket/dodgeball or have running races



Unless we are five years old we all feel a little awkward around new people. To make it less daunting why not make an effort to just talk to one new person until you build your confidence up. Reality is we don’t have to hit it off with everyone. When you put yourself out there you will eventually find your tribe. Don’t overthink it just get out there, girl.

I’m not ready

Fear is common when you set out to undertake sometime new like a fitness and health journey. You’ll never be ready dive in completely but really what have you got to lose. It’s about embracing the fear and do it anyway!

Now that we’ve quashed those hang ups, prepare to get PUMPED up, watch the video below and #jointhemovement


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