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Dream Team Divulge Week 4 of 50DaysNoSugar Challenge

Sara writes: 

This week was much better. I stuck to the sugar free plan & even managed to find some high energy substitutes to my usual gels for mid – run snacks. Natalie was able to suggest glucose powder  which fits into the 50 Days No Sugar guidelines (based on the bodies ability to process it, given it’s the energy source that our brain requires for fuel. It’s too be used by people who have long distance running events and want to stay away from lollies/sports drinks/gels etc)  My activity levels this week were much improved as I competed in my first triathlon & first fun run of the season (on the same day!) 

The only slip up was on Friday when I helped myself to a slither of home made cheese cake. My hubby made me a delicious lime cheesecake for my birthday. I allowed my self a piece & took the rest to work. The boys made short work of it there! 

At the half way point in the challenge I am wondering if I’ll keep on going after the 8 weeks is up. I am really struggling without my bananas as quick goto snacks. I will continue to find substitutes over the next few weeks! 

Paula writes:

I can’t believe another week is over and done with!

After recovering from my little fall from grace/sugar/food hangover from last weekend, I was feeling good. Tuesday I forgot to take my lunch with me in the car so I grabbed some rice paper rolls on the run… with no dipping sauce of course! Little did I know that these rice paper rolls weren’t quite the lunch saviour I thought they were…8.5 hours later I was struck down with violent food poisoning… I have never, ever, been so sick in my life. It was awful and the next day I felt like I had been hit by a truck then the truck has reversed and run over me again.

 I think there is a lesson in this for me. I love to make all my own food and snacks where possible so I know what goes in them. I can substitute ingredients for others to make it healthier, or lower sugar or lower in calories… but now? I want to make my own food so I know exactly how it has been handled and where it has been. I used to make my own rice paper rolls but they can get a bit fiddly so I stopped. But maybe once my new fear of the old rice paper roll subsides, I will go back to it.
One thing that I have discovered on this leg of 50DaysNoSugar is frozen raspberries. I always have them in my freezer but defrost them to have with yogurt etc but I never realised what a delicious, icy little treat they are on their own! I pop about 40gm in a bowl at night if I feel like “dessert” and nibble away! They are so sweet and icy and they really hit the spot. Yum!

Another thing I discovered the other night is cauliflower rice! I know that people on Paleo diets have been using it for yonks but this was a new concept for me. I grated it with a cheese grater, popped it in a non-stick pan with some coconut oil, smokey paprika and garlic and sautéed it until it became a bit golden. Right at the end I crumbled some Greek fetta in. OMG! Delicious! It’s kind of a healthier take on the old school ‘cauliflower and cheese” I guess. I am not a big fan of grains as rice etc makes me bloat big time so this is a way to fill the gap on my plate with something that is super low sugar, low calorie, tasty and nutritious! Ticks all my boxes! Give it a try! I’m finding that the 50DaysNoSugarChallenge makes me think outside the square when it comes to trying new foods – it forces me to push the boundaries.  When you take out condiments and sauces (in other words, sugar), from your cooking you have to experiment with other herbs, spices and foods to get the flavour and variety you need to stay satisfied and interested. When food gets boring, that’s when I start to waiver. And if you had’ve told me that grated cauliflower would be rocking my world I would’ve thought you were crazy… but it is!

A Sunday prep session would not be complete without Nat’s Chicken and Chorizo Stew. I got cocky though… I replaced the chorizo with bacon this time and in doing so, extracted a heap of flavour. Nat knows what she is on about and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? RIGHT!! It’ still really tasty and I will enjoy every bite tonight with a big plate of steamed veg. But if you want the REAL recipe, you can find it in the 7 Day Plan at As I have said in a previous blog, the plan is worth it, just for this recipe alone!

Oh and I am happy to report a reduction in body fat percentage! Had my PT session on Saturday and body fat percentage has decreased which is ace. She didn’t have my measurements from last time so I am still waiting to hear what the changes were there but I can see and feel that my waist measurement is decreasing! Am yet to try on my goal pants again but last time I tried them they were getting closer! Am adding in some HIIT sessions into the weekly gym plan now along with my 3-4 weights sessions to help it along.  I am loving feeling stronger and pushing my body further than I have before. But I know that to achieve what I want to achieve, I need to be fuelled correctly and putting sugar in my body is no different to putting diesel in an unleaded car – it just isn’t going to work! Hopefully by my next blog I will have my measurements… really know how much my waist has changed!

Have a great week challengers!

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