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Easy snacks that don’t come from packets

Easy snacks that don’t come from packets

The snack market is big money, think somewhere in the realm of 300+ BILLION dollars! So that mean’s a lot of companies wanting your dollars for their snacks, usually the snacks aren’t particularly healthy either. Foods that are highly processed can leave us bloated, fatigued and feeling more hungry or unsatisfied. Why? Because they contain little to non actual real food! So let’s get back to basic’s with a good old snack that doesn’t come from a vending machine or a packet? Let’s think a little more homemade but still portable and takeaway if needed. Here’s a few of my favourites that you can bring to life:

Peanut butter & *insert vegetable and/or fruit here* (apple, celery, cucumber, capsicum or carrot)

So delicious and takes the edge off those afternoon sugar cravings. Buy a good quality 100% peanut butter, just ground from nuts without anything else added

Cheddar cheese & green beans 

In season tomatoes

Wow! my tomatoes this season were so flavoursome and I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before but a homemade grown tomato packs a huge punch compared to store bought varieties. I will often snack on a bowl of juicy cherry tomatoes and feel incredibly satisfied. Your skin and heart will love them too,

Olive dip with veggie sticks

Made from a few tablespoons of sour cream and a handful of chopped olives this creamy dip is delicious to take to the office.

Banana & muesli smoothie

My smoothies nowadays consist of no supplements and just whole foods. I just like banana, water, a little dollop of yoghurt and if I need a energy boost, a tablespoon or so of a nutty muesli (without dried fried or simply use oats with some nuts)

Boiled eggs  

Best eaten in private as we all know they can be a bit of stinky food. Ever sat next to anyone opening an boiled egg? Hello, they can reek!!!

Half an Avo

Need a health fat hit? Tuck into an avo. I like to add a little vinegar to mine for added zing. Have it as a mid morning snack and see how much fuller you feel, you may find it helps with over eating at lunch time.

Bliss balls 

Go easy on these as we should still class bliss balls as treats. Nice whole treats but treats all the same. I love these tangy Lemon balls

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