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Essential (Manual) Kitchen Gadgets

Essential (Manual) Kitchen Gadgets

I love to cook and I also like to do things the hard way and by that I mean no thermomix “cooking” (sorry thermie lovers!). I like to get in and prepare my produce and give it the love it deserves. I don’t ever feel like cooking is chore and I feel sad for people who do but I guess horses for courses. I’ve compiled a little list of some of my favourite and most used items in my kitchen. Yes, they save a little time but they don’t take away from the cooking process. *In case you’re a little behind the right ball with your gadgets I’ve labelled what’s what based on colour.

Rolling pin (wooden)

Used for- bashing nuts, smashing chocolate/biscuits for cakes, rolling out pastry/dough

Mandolin (big green thing)

Used for- sliced/shredding salady items. It makes a nice change from chopping with a knife and adds a new texture to your meals. Your slaws will be super professional just watch those little fingers!

Zester (long skinny green)

Used for- Zesting! Also we use this all the time for parmesan grating- it gives a nice light grate. Ginger and hard spices do well on this tool

Citrus Juicer (orange)

These are my favourite hand juicers. Cut in half and place wet side down and squeeze, way less washing up than a traditional hand juicer

Thermometer (grey)

I feel very chefy when I use a thermometer. To be fair, I’d be the first person to bag someone out for using one in a home kitchen but far out it’s handy. I use it way more than I thought I ever would- definitely a good buy.

Scales (red)

Essential if you are a baker and comes in handy if you are into portion control. In case you use international recipes get scales with a conversion button (ie. grams into oz)

All of these items can be purchased from Victoria’s Basement, Chef’s Warehouse, Peter’s Kensington and other good kitchenware suppliers. Go for the best quality you can afford.

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