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Fabulous Fennel

Fennel is some a wonderfully awesome herb. It has an aniseedy taste (think licorice..yum!) I use it regularly in salads and I also love roasting it. It has several medicinal properties, namely helping with your digestion. Any old poos hanging out in your bowel (ewww!) get swept right out after a few servings of fennel. This herb also can aid weight loss, help nursing mothers with lactation, ease pain associated with tooth ache and even reduce period pain! You can purchase fennel in the Winter and Spring months (be careful in the spring months as it can be a little woody). Use fennel as part of your crudite plate with homemade hummus (1 can of chickpeas, few tbsp tahini, good squeeze lemon juice and few tbsp evoo- whizz in blender or blend with hand mixer). I found this twist on brushetta for you to try:
Fennel Brushetta

Arrange Fennel and Zucchini  (shaved with a mandolin) in a bowl. Add about 100g of Buffalo mozzarella (hand picked chunks). Grab half an Orange (squeezed over the vegies),  few leaves of Mint (chopped roughly over the vegies) and a few Fennel fronds (chopped roughly for a delicious garnish). Toss everything together. Meanwhile toast some Sourdough Bread. When the toast is ready, arrange the fennel mix on top of the bread and then drizzle Olive oil. What a Delicious, fresh lunch!

Do you use fennel? What’s your favourite way to serve it?

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  1. I love fennel just plain. I also love it in a garden salad for some variance dressed in nothing but white wine vinegar! Love your blog by the way!

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