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My Favourite Australian Places To Buy Green & Natural Beauty Products

My Favourite Australian Places To Buy Green & Natural Beauty Products


Green beauty is such a “thing” now, which is great that people are getting behind a more natural, organic and healthier approach to beauty, makeup and skincare. Literally everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream so it’s wise to be cautious of the products you use. Now, as you’d expect given we are delving into the health arena, you can take your “greenness” to extremes and be very cautious/obsessed about the types of products you use or you can take a more balanced approach and not be a total purist but really manage to get great alternatives (or dupes as those “special” Youtube/beauty bloggers like to refer to them as). For instance, I really try to stay away from petrochemicals, phthalates, sulphates, synthetics colours and pigments, parabens, fragrances, alcohols, mineral oils, aluminium, DEA, TEA. Here’s a more comprehensive list of skincare ingredients to avoid . I’m new to green/natural beauty and have already come across some shitty products that I wouldn’t repurchase- so you can have faith that everything I mention on my site is a real goer (i.e bloody good!), I also keep in mind price when purchasing and reviewing (to get a nice range) because whilst I’m saving my skin (and the earth) I don’t reeeeeally want to be paying a fortune for products.

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Ok, let’s get stuck into this list!

Because Beautiful 

Great site for green makeup products especially International makeup brands such as Lily Lolo & W3ll people, I feel like BB probably has one of the best selections of cosmetics I’ve found (but I’m happy for you guys to alert me in the comments if their are other sites I’m missing).


If you are after a brand that has really perfected their products and offers a real richness/luxe feel to their products, definitely go to Weleda. I love the face cremes (the Rose is amazing), the cult classic product “Skin Food”, the salt toothpaste and the bath oils and gels are really invigorating and do a great job on your skin. If you have children they do a selection of natural baby products.

Nourished Life

I’ve mentioned NL many times on my site before and for all the right reasons, the products are great and the service/delivery is really efficient. Loads of brands and choice here- not just beauty/makeup but household and personal care products too. Tried and tested: Black Chicken, Happy Skincare & Dr Bronners 

Worth a mention (depending on how green and natural you want to be):

Priceline & Chemist Warehouse (lines such as Sukin (I use the masks and the rose face mist), Trilogy (rose hip oil is lovely), Antipodes & Swisse),  Woolworths, Coles (here, search for Thankyou (body & hand wash) & BX Earth (hand wash & body wash) and Harris Farm (some great shampoos and conditioners and house hold products there)


So tell me, what are some of your favourite sites for natural/green beauty?

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