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Get Rid Of Cellulite The Right Way

Here’s my ass, thigh, hip and has cellulite (trust me! I might not be lots but I’m human after all)

Here’s my’s got flabby bits

If I was snapped taking a leisurely swim or frolicking on the sand, the people would have a field day. They would label me a freak. “How can she go out like that? Her and her cellulite”. “Shocking celebs suffer from orange peel like appearance on butts and thighs” (types the journo who has an arse double the size of mine, not too mention how riddled her thighs are with the dreaded C).  Sorry that was bitchy….but it seems we can’t get enough of that crap. Exhibit A:

Stars with cellulite

Stars with cellulite AND stretch marks

Women in Australia spend millions of dollars each year on their beauty, fitness and well being regimes. Why? Because we keep reading the crap that the media leads us to believe is true.

Every woman has cellulite- tall, short, fat, skinny, round, muscly. Personal Trainers have it, Hairdressers have it and even Models (of all descriptions) have it. And you know what? It’s F$&#ing perfectly normal. We are designed to have it.

Here’s a snapshot of the skin

Here we have a “healthy” cross section of skin and below is a cross section when cellulite is present 
(notice the bubbly appearance on top and the “damaged layers”. You’ll finally note the larger area of fat cells. 

 From the healthy skin diagram, you should clearly see the present fat cells. They are there…they are normal. Some of us will have greater numbers than others but by the by, we all have them. Even the best surgeons or creams will not disrupt these naturally occurring “marvel” of nature.

Men (the bastards) don’t really have high instances of cellulite because their skin is different not to mention their hormones. Male’s skin is thicker, oilier and more criss crossed/webbed. The fat cells don’t penetrate the epidermis as much as women’s do.

Now, by no means am I saying we whack on our bikini’s and strut around bearing all our giggly bits to the world but I am concerned with this goal of perfection for a lot of women. The ultra lean bikini “fitness pinup’s” who are regularly splashed over our screens sends a mixed message to those looking to improve their body. Why does your end goal have to be a fitness model or other chiseled, shredded chick? Little do people realise, that these girls are generally (and will confess this themselves) usually very unhealthy, out of balance during this “very lean time”. But of course it’s when they book in their photo shoots and bombard us with the images of their rock hard mid sections and ripped arms.

It’s about a level of acceptance. Our thought patterns should be focused around a happy medium or a balanced view. Improve our giggles to our best ability. We should maintain a healthy body fat, balanced eating habits and not be obsessed with weight, looks, hair, face, teeth and so on. Perfection is so hard to strive for. Don’t make me get out the photo shopped stars vs reality. Ok, I will HERE

So without giving yourself a headache thinking about how you are going to banish your ‘dreaded cellulite’ try these few tips:

– Ask your friends if they have cellulite, a problem aired is a problem shared. They are “freaks” just like you. (I am joking by the way, you aren’t an actual freak! Are you?)

– Get into a great exercise/workout routine that focuses on your thighs, butt, hips and arms. All the girly hormonal storage areas. Hit them with some decent weight and exercises- squat that ass down, step those legs up, curl those hamstrings, use hip extensions to build your butt muscles. Don’t forget to run fast too- like imagine there is a sale…no, no, no image a FREE shoe giveaway…run fast and get those imaginary shoes, girl. Whatever you do, do it sooner rather than later. You’ve got to lose body fat and build some muscle- simple!

– Embrace your body type. Yes, you can enhance what you have but if you are a little curvier than your small boobed, no hip friend, it’s ok. Learn to love YOU. We all have our “things” we don’t like

– Eat fresh, healthy food . Lower your sugar intake (sugar damages collagen production and causes advanced aging- poo poo!). Watch your alcohol intake and try to avoid gluten rich foods. Simply swap wheat for rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa or fruit. Eat mountains of green produce, as limiting your starch intake will benefit your cellulite. Good quality fats (eggs, avocados, fish, coconut oil and nuts) should feature in your diet not be avoided.

– Save your ass, thighs or hips from the surgeons sucker thingy (you know that massive proder thing they shove inside you to remove fat cells?) and put that money towards a brand new wardrobe, personal training sessions, a gym membership. Ditch the expensive creams or potions and spend that money on fresh produce, good quality water and a few pamper sessions at the spa. Dry body bushing make help simulate body flow to the area.

– Avoid soy and soy based products. That goes also for plastic products and makeup, skincare. We are seeing more and more of a condition that is called “Estrogen Dominance” due to our exposure of those products aforementioned. Avoiding estrogen mimicking ingredients can affect massive change in women who has high levels of the hormone. Read more about it here  

– Become less inactive and more active. Sounds simple right? Get off the thing you want to change (your ass) and do more incidental exercise (walking up stairs, walking to and from work, getting off the bus a few stops earlier, housework (ughhh!). Be active

I’m going to share this photo of my own belly transformation and I want you to take note: Don’t be the girl that thinks “oh, this isn’t a real before and after” or “I’m just never going to have a flat stomach”. I thought all of these things at one point but the proof is in the pudding so they say (even though I don’t eat pudding LOL). I am not going for shredded, lean, 6 pack (fine if you are). I’m happy in my bikini, I drink wine, I’m not vegan, I don’t always need to be lifting weights or exercising crazily. My thighs touch and I’m down with that. I also have cellulite (shock horror)..much less (sheesh look at that belly of mine! Years of dieting abuse shows through doesn’t it?). This is me in all my glory!

Here’s a good difference of about 4 years. Yo- yo dieting, binge eating, break ups, new love, excessive alcohol, late nights, working long hours and being a general whinger/sloth/poopoo head. You know just general stuff that life throws at us. My biggest turning point was getting rid of the crap in my diet (namely processed sugar). It was my Achilles heel so to speak. I never just had one lolly or a scoop of ice cream, for me it was all or nothing baby! Tubs, packets. You catch my drift. Given the addictive nature of sugar and the fact that it is virtually in every food available on our supermarket shelves, it was no surprise it had a hold on me. A lower sugar diet allows me a freedom I never thought possible- no bingeing, no strong cravings for any particular food, more balanced PMS (I very rarely experience the roller coaster of emotions before my period like I used to), I find it hard to over eat, I don’t experience blood sugar crashes and my skin is thicker, plump and brighter (which is good thing!). The navel/waist measurement difference from weird face pulling photo to bikini shot pink undie girl is roughly 10 cms (waist) 20cms (navel), weight difference about 10 kilos. Body fat I would take a stab 30% vs 24-25%

By no means was my transformation a quick 12 week job, I’ve always struggled with binge eating, lack of exercise, too much exercise. Pretty much disordered exercise and eating habits for a long time (the perks of being in the fitness industry, female and always chasing perfection!). I am now so in balance with my exercise, eating and life in general and you know what? It feels good man. 
A general snapshot of my day:

HIIT session for 20ish minutes or weights program (kettle training at the moment or a full body workout  plus a little core training. I try to be active most days. If I’m not doing a focused training something I might bushwalk, go for a run, walk on the beach or take the dog for a stroll. 
Food (calorie controlled to suit me if I need to shift a few kilos ):
Coffee with splash of cream 
1-2 Eggs with gluten free toast or yoghurt, fruit and gluten free toast
1- 2 pieces of fruit per day (either eaten raw or in a smoothie)
Green smoothie or smoothie with added no dairy protein powder
Salad plate with grilled haloumi and hummus or it may contain meat, fish or chicken
Grilled rib eye with potatoes (or similar carb) and salad
Glass of wine
(that’s quite general for me. I add nachos, cheese, extra wine, fancy restaurant meals, lasagna, burgers etc into my daily food macros and never have to go without my treats)

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