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Go Orange Challenge: 10 Oranges in 10 Days

Recently, I participated in the #GoOrange Challenge. No it wasn’t a juggling challenge- Thank God! I
am a TERRIBLE juggler.

Sounds simple enough, 10 oranges in 10 days! Vitamin C overload….BOOM!

Oranges are a key staple in my Winter fruit bowl. I always have 1-2 pieces of fresh seasonal fruit per day. They not only help me ward off nasties by boosting my immune system but clear, bright skin is happening thanks to our friend’s beta carotene and antioxidants. The humble orange is a cheap and delicious way to give your body the vitamin boost it needs during the Winter flu season (insert that germy guy you sits next to you at work! Ewwww).

Did you know Vitamin C can help decrease cellulite? “How…What?!….Tell me everything!!” Vitamin C is a great cellulite fighter, team it with some weighted squats and lunges and you’ll have your not so welcomed foe leaving the back of your legs in disgust. The humble orange has more to offer than just vitamins. A quick, portable snack on the run for grown ups or in kid’s lunchboxes (get them a handy orange peeler for school then you won’t have a returned uneaten orange!

If weight loss is important to you, think about popping an orange in your meal plan for added fibre. The fibre found in oranges will help you feel fuller for longer and reduce the 3pm blood sugar spike- team an orange with a handful of walnuts or almonds and you have yourself a mighty fine balanced fat burning snack.

Thanks to the lovely gang at Citrus Australia for putting this challenge together, not only have we injected some colour into our lives but a range of health benefits.

Yay for Oranges!

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