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Greenify Your Life!

Here’s a few easy ways to green up your day, I’ve covered a few bases here: health, body, home and the environment. All are achievable for our day to day busy lifestyles, it’s just a case of getting stuck in there and doing it. Change can be hard at first but it’s those little steps, done regularly, that will impact our earth the most.  
Pimp your water

Add cucumber and mint to your water! Coming into spring and summer these is a great way to mix up your plain water and stay hydrated. Plain water can be somewhat repetitive and adding some Pizazz makes it surprising. Don’t be limited to just this green combo: try citrus, berries, herbal tea or other fragrant herbs

Also try storing your water/juices/drinks in general in reusable vessels. Glass is way better for the environment than plastic. I save all my jars now, yes it’s not weird for me to drink my coffee out of an old gherkin jar! It’s these little steps that your continually do that will be helpful to our land in the long run. 

Tip: I’d only leave them in for 2-3 days, they tend to get mushy and manky if you leave them in there for longer. I also just keep refilling my bottle with the little goodies inside. It’s amazing how the flavour just keeps permeating the water. 

Try a simple green home cleaner

Vinegar makes a great cleaner for your windows and your fridge. Just mix with equal parts vinegar and warm water. You’ll also save a fortune while being kinder to the environment. The site has heaps of uses, check it out

Eat your greens 

Green apples: the tarty crisp flavour of a Granny Smith is hard to beat. Slice them In a salad with Spanish onion, walnuts, lemon juice, celery and mayo and dash plain yoghurt- instant waldorf salad. 

Avocado: if you are dairy free or avoid excessive dairy, adding avocado to your smoothie with give you that added creaminess you may miss. You’ll also get a nice essential fat hit. 1/4 of an avocado is a sufficient serve

Green beans: these skinny beauties only need a minute of blanching, add them to eggs, tuna, black olives, some good quality olive oil and tomatoes and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine Niçoise salad. Pregnant women should include green beans in their diet to boost their vitamin k levels and protect against neural tube defects. Green beans also contain folates- great for pre pregnancy and during pregnancy. 

Plant a few succulents

These guys are so easy to care for and they multiply like crazy. Start off with a few but just break them up and watch them grow. A pop of green on your desk or on a windowsill improves your mood, lifts your spirits and cleans the air! Especially great near WIFI spots

Ban Yourself From Plastic Bags!

It sounds simple but there’s more of us still accepting plastic bags when we shop. I’ve now banned myself from plastic bags, I’ve definitely got a long way to go but canvas bags are becoming part of the norm for me. If you can’t carry it or shove it in your handbag- don’t buy it. Simple! Thanks to Alexx Stuart for being such an inspiring eco warrior . The bag below is available from Chocolate For Breakfast

Drink it up!

Look, I’ve always got good intentions to down a green juice but I don’t often get around to it. Who really could be arsed a) juicing all that veg and b) cleaning the juicer…not me! Parker’s Organic Juice is the next best thing to a cold pressed juice and it’s available in your local Woolies (local supermarket for you out of towners!). This green beauty contains: green apple, kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, parsley, lemon and spirulina. The second best thing is that it isn’t $8+! The cost of some green juices and smoothies are becoming a little ridiculous, don’t you agree. I’m seriously not taking out a second mortgage for a green juice habit. Parker’s juices are $4.50, a fair price, I think!

Burn some green calories

Even if it’s once or twice per week, get out of the car or bus/taxi/ferry and walk to work to your chosen destination. We need to be cautious of the impact we are leaving on the environment and yes it takes a little more effort but it’s a win win situation. You burn that extra slice of bacon off and the environment has one less car polluting it’s air! 

Have you tried to green up your life? What are your tips, share them below….

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