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Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas PART 1

So you think you have to workout in the gym at Christmas and over the holidays? WRONGGGGGGGGGGG! In my opinion, the best time to take up fun, NEW activities is when you have the time off from your work schedule. Stand Up Paddle boarding is SO my thing at the moment and a nice break from my normal workouts. I’ll be doing this as my active recovery on the weekend. Will my strength workouts and HIIT workouts stop just because I’m taking a break? NOOOOOOO! Make use of the heighten motivation that holidays and summer time brings. Do more, do less but don’t simply do NOTHING. 
There’s no doubt I’ll be eating over the holidays and so will you, don’t fight it! Just grab a plate, get eating and for crying out loud “give a girl some carbs!”. Try these three salads for a healthy (delicious) spin on some basic ingredients

Pea & Carrot Salado


3 cups frozen peas (thawed and blanched) 

1 grated carrot 

Chopped bunch of brocollini

1/2 chopped cucumber 

Mint, fresh, chopped 

Dressing: Dijon, olive oil, apple cider & lemon juice) 

Mix all together and serve with a juicy hunk of protein



Good Ol’ Potato Salad

Boiled potatoes (6 medium, chopped), cooled
Full fat mayo (few big blobs)
2 tbsp Mustard (grainy, French, Dijon- whatever)
Salt and pepper
Dash of olive oil 
Fresh dill and Parsley

Throw tatters into a bowl to lather in mayo and other ingredients. Serve with a meaty gluten free sausage..droooooool

Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad

4 cups cooked pasta
Smoked salmon, 5 pieces (shredded)
Roasted capsicum (just use a good quality jar version) 100g chopped
2 big handfuls of blanched green beans
Herbs to taste (parsley add freshness)
Garlic (olive oil infused with garlic- BEST EVER!) 

Combine and serve (don’t forget to season). Note the Christmas colours- I know, I’m awesome! 

 I”ll be greening it up these holidays! Nuzest Good Green Stuff is currently featuring in my superfood regime. This stuff (with spirulina, chollera, probiotics, digestive enzymes, minerals and antioxidants) is ACTUALLY tasty and sweetened with Stevia- winning! It’s a perfect go to supplement when party season hits. The booze, the late nights- we will all need a shot of goodness to prevent burnout and rebuild our cells. Used in conjunction with a healthy (nutrient rich, low sugar) eating plan and exercise, Good Green Stuff is definitely worth a purchase. My favourite way to take my GGS is either straight up in with filtered water or smoothie-a-fied

1 Sachet of Good Green Stuff
330ml Coconut water (Natural Raw C, of course) 
Cup of frozen blueberries
1/4 cup frozen mango 
1/2 cucumber
1/4 avocado 
A few splashes of coconut milk will not go astray 

Blitz together and enjoy! 

Liquify it, baby! 

Life be in it! Seriously, just get the hell out there. Put on a cute outfit (Hello, Running Bare!) and just move. Take the kids out, the dog, your granny- WHOEVER. Enjoy the fact that you aren’t sitting at your desk at work. Spend time with your loved ones and be in the moment. Be mindful of all the good in your life and be grateful for all you have achieved in 2-13

Aim to stick to a routine of sorts to soften the blow when you do make your way back in the office. If you are pushed for time to exercise try my 4 minute workout (shut up…4 mins!) 
If you move most days now and if you want to keep the kilos and bulge at bay, you will have to keep moving most days. A short, sharp workout is definitely better than nothing at all. Remember to be realistic with your goals over Christmas- aim for maintenance versus big changes in body shape/composition.  

Stay AWESOME until next time
x Nat 

P.S I just launched my NEW eBook! It will help you banish the bloat, keep that tummy flat this party season and give you more recipe ideas. 

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