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Cheat’s Version Apple Pie With Toffee Nut Sauce (Refined Sugar Free)

Cheat’s Version Apple Pie With Toffee Nut Sauce (Refined Sugar Free)

Apple pie and winter, it’s like an absolute match made in heaven. I have all the time to eat a pie however not all the time to actually make one. Pastry making just isn’t something that excites me and buying a pie usually means heaps more sugar than I would care for and also going out to fetch the damn thing. What to do? Cheat’s version!

Enter my healthy wholefood (practically) apple pie with a creamy “toffee nut” sauce

You’ll need:

A granny smith, chopped

3 small dates ( just used dried pitted)

1 tsp tahini (can substitute for peanut butter)

Hot water

Sprinkle of muesli (toasted is preferred)


Place the chopped apple with a little water (just enough to steam it) in a microwavable container and place on high for 2 minutes. Alternatively, stew on stove top till soft but still holding together

Next, in a blender add the dates, tahini and a little hot water- just enough to cover the dates and tahini. Whizz till pale, creamy brown colour and add a little more hot water if necessary. Place to one side

Drain the apples from any liquid produced from cooking.

Now it’s time to arrange on your plate; layer the apple, muesli then pour sauce liberally over!

What you have is a naturally sweet, refined sugar free apple pie dessert with a quirky toffee nut sauce.

This would make a warming breakfast also

Are you fan of pie? What’s your favourite?

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