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Healthy Foolproof French Toast Recipe

Healthy Foolproof French Toast Recipe

Weekend breakfast’s are meant to be savoured and with this healthy foolproof french toast recipe- you’ll be guaranteed pleasure and joy

You’ll need (serves 2)

4 small pieces of light rye bread (mine was a small loaf style)

2 eggs (free range)

1/4 cup milk

Cinnamon (tsp or so)

1 vanilla bean (guts)

Raw honey or maple syrup (just a slurp)

1 cup fruit (seasonal is best)


Firstly, simply cut up some stone fruit/banana or berries and heat through on a fry pan till it becomes jammy and gooey. This will compliment your toast nicely and act as a natural sweetener.

While the fruit is heating through, crack eggs, pour in milk and cinnamon to a dish and whisk together. You’ll get a cinnamony omelette. Now, place bread into dish to soak up eggy mixture for 1-2 minutes then flip over and allow other side to soak up mixture. You’ll have a soggy pieces of bread that are ready to be pan fried.

In a medium-hot fry pan, add a smidgen of butter or oil, then place the toast in. You’ll want to leave it to brown on one side before flipping to brown the other side. Give it at least 8 minutes in the pan to cook through.

Arrange your toast on your serving plate and add fruit to top plus a drizzle of your syrup or honey. Add a few mint leaves and voila! Breakfast is served.

What’s your favourite weekend breakfast?


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