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Healthy Gift Ideas For Dad On Father’s Day

Healthy Gift Ideas For Dad On Father’s Day

It doesn’t have to be boring old socks and jocks for Fathers Day. Here are a few ways to spoil Dad’s who love to stay healthy!

Yay! Go Roosters! Daddy Daughter Football game


Football Membership

Great for the sporting fanatic Dad! There’s a great deal at ANZ Stadium for those football, rugby and soccer games. AFL grand final, NRL grand final and The Bledisloe Cup. Want something a little more budget friendly? Then shout him tickets to a game- share a beer and bond- even if you hate sport- he will LOVE IT!

Coffee Making Classes

My dad loves his cup of coffee in the morning and making a great cup of coffee is an awesome skill to have. Allpress Roastery have classes for you to hone your skills and to make that perfect brew. The classes are $85 and are available in Sydney and Melbourne

Skin Care

Now, now, don’t scoff- some Dad’s are totally metro and look after their skin well. Others do not. There’s no excuse to not have a good skin care regime, it’s really just about giving their skin a good clean and looking after it. We also don’t want to see them lashing their fasces in loads of chemical laden products so it’s key to head to Nourished Life, the perfect place for all things non-toxic and natural. For those that know their Dad just simply will NOT be into skin care stuff, there’s beard oil and other grooming products to take a squizz at.

Homemade Treats

Food is the way to my dad’s heart (and beer). I’m aiming for healthier versions of some of his favourties. These recipes perfect and taste practically the same, just not a sweet and heavy! Try them for yourself.

Sunday Pancakes

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Maybe your dad’s on the Paleo bandwagon, try this Paleo Salted Choc Caramel Slice – WOW!

Gym/Overnight Bag

I love these vintage inspired Herschel Bags and if your dad travels frequently, I’m sure he will get good use out if it. If your Dad is a swimmer/sailor/fisherman and you are looking for something waterproof, the 2XU Seamless Gym Bag is the best!

Magazine Subscription

From cars to cooking, fishing, fitness and gardening- a magazine subscription is a perfect last minute gift idea for Dad. Browse the collection here,

Fitness Gadgets

If your Dad is into keeping fit and loves a good fitness gadget, head to Garmin and choose from the selection of activity trackers and heart rate monitors. They can really keep exercise fun and interesting whilst giving that much needed feedback.

Do you have any special Father’s Day traditions, how will you be spending the day and more importantly have you organised something special yet?


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