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Healthy Snacks: Sweet & Savoury

Healthy Snacks: Sweet & Savoury

I don’t know many people that don’t enjoy snacking, I mean It’s another chance to whack something in your mouth amidst a busy day. Most of the time because we are time poor we reach for lame snacks usually filled with sugar, processed ingredients that leave us unsatisfied and wanting more. Yes, it would be preferable to have your fresh, wholefood snacks- fruit, veg stick with hummus or some greek yoghurt but put simply it’s just not always possible and that lure of the vending machine hits you strong. It’s time to move over unhealthy snacks and warmly welcome a healthier version that my tick of approval. I’ve got the sweet and the savoury covered.


Funch, Protein Power Ball Mixture Vanilla + Coconut

No blender or baking required for these roll-your-own-balls and made with raw pea protein (my protein of choice because it feels nicer on my digestive system being dairy free). All your need to add is a sweetener of your choice (Funch recommends dates or rice malt syrup) and coconut oil. Once you’ve mixed up your balls, pop them in the fridge for up to 10 days or freeze for 3 months. Perfect to leave in the office fridge so you never get caught without a protein fix

Adventure Snacks, Cranberry, Fig & Seed Balls

These are another “roll-your-own-ball” type no bake snack, so perfect if you want to get your hands into the kitchen. All you need to add is a little coconut oil and coconut shreds for rolling. Whack your ball mix in a blender or thermomix and add the oil, roll then refrigerate.

They contain no refined sugar just dried fruit, there’s no baking and they are gluten free and nut free (so perfect for kid’s lunchboxes).

Eat Fit Food Cleanse Bar

It’s the perfect snack for people who are time-poor and looking for a high quality, effective solution to help fill nutritional gaps. It can fit in your handbag or desk draw, avoid the 3pm sugar dash and stay energised all afternoon with our greens instead.

Soma Organics, Apple & Super Seed Soma Bite Bar

This is treat size to perfection. Packed with seeds, raw superfoods and are nut-free Stash in your draw or keep a few in the car (I practically live in mine so I always welcome a snack!). Available now at Woolworths

Raw C Coconut Water & Protein Shake

Coconut and pure protein together! Chocolatey and dairy free. This is a perfect recovery drink after your workout- hydrating and helps with muscle repair



This may be the best idea to hit the health food market in recent years. A vending machine ready to dispense freshly made salads. HIPFOOD also have office salad delivery available and they have a heart too, donating all their leftover food to a local food bank. My top picks: Thai Beef salad and roast veggies and cous cous.

Flecks, BBQ Trail Mix

Made from half veggies and half seeds and nuts, soaked in a natural marinade and dried. It’s a unique take on a trail mix. Gluten free, party friendly and no nasty additives. Most over chips these are the new kid on the block!

*product was gifted

What are your go-to snacks?

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