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Help! I Have Big Boobs & Need To Improve My Posture

Help! I Have Big Boobs & Need To Improve My Posture

HELP! I have big boobs and improve my posture plus strengthen my back?






Whatever you want to call them, sometimes exercising with a larger bust is tough. Not only working out but the pain associated with having a larger cup size. I’ve got your back…literally

I wanted to share 2 simple exercises you can do to support and strengthen your back and improve your posture.

1. Reverse Flyes- light first and then increase when capable

2. Double Band Pull- elbows out to the side and squeeze shoulder blades together. Keep shoulders away from neck and ears

My other important takeaway is to go easy on training your chest! I only hit the chest muscles with one exercise (such as a push up) and go with 2-3 back exercises. Yes, we want a strong and balanced body however I like and recommend the ratio due to our desk bound, iPhone addict, hunched back lives we ALL now lead. Don’t forget lots of stretching of the chest (pec) muscles


Any ladies out there find working out with their “assests” challenging AND do you have any secrets to share with us? 


Work with me!


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