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High Intensity Cardio Workout With Zero Running & Maximum Fat Burn

I loved that high intensity interval training workout…. said no one EVER!

Look, face it, HIIT workouts are NEVER fun, enjoyable or something you look forward HOWEVER I don’t see any of you complaining when you are rocking that tight body and your fitness levels are better than ever. I know, check mate!

We have 4 exercises to complete, they are at MAXIMAL INTENSITY. No holding conversations, breathing hard, wanting to vomit, forgetting about everything important in life and just working your butt off. That kind of hardness level.

4 Exercises (P.S They couldn’t be easier!). Easily done at home or outdoors 
1. Side to side hop/jump over a mat or object (safety first here, something that you won’t stack over!)
2. Extended step walks. Aim for a step of two to three steps. By all means run it but these long step walks are tough too! Push off that back leg and givr your butt a good squeeze. 
3. Booty Scuttle You heard me, Scuttle! Aim for 3 or 4 lateral slides to the right the 3 or 4 to the left (keep it even!) Advanced players can add a squat touchdown on each side. Move fast! Electricify yourself. 
4. Knee Drives Blast your knees up near your chest and do it fast! The arms can pump fast as well by your side. Keep that chest lifted always
Beginners: each exercise 1-4 for 30 secs, rest 60 secs and repeat 8-10 times
Advanced: each exercise 1-4 for 45 secs, rest  60 secs and repeat 8-10 times
Have fun!….kind of! 

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