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Home Workout For Women Using Bodyweight

Working out from home can help you ditch the excuses and make it easier to fit your workout around your home schedule. The humble balcony or living room makes a perfect space.

Don’t forget a suitable training outfit, good footwear and a sports bra. No bouncing without “the girls” strapped in.

It can be difficult to get into a routine when you are home based but starting your day off on the right foot, with a workout, is an easy way to set yourself up for a productive day.

Here’s a quick home circuit I like to do that targets the legs, core and arms. It’ll keep your heart elevated and keep that fat burning fire (aka your metabolism) on high alert all day long.

Perform 1 min of each exercise (both legs if applicable) and aim to get out 4-6 sets with a 1 min rest in between. These all can be performed with weights also in a strength fashion aim for 8-12RM for 3-4 sets, rest 45sec in between sets

Rear leg elevated squat:

Grab a stool and place your rear leg on top. Jump the front leg forward to position yourself. You want to keep your legs parallel and chest and head up. Bend both knees and then slowly return to the start position. Hands on the hips or out to the side for increased balance support.

Tricep push up using stool:
Hold firmly onto the side of the stool. Your legs extended out the back of your body. Slowly lowering yourself down while keeping your elbows tucked into your waist. Body is nice and long the whole time and aim to get as much bend (flexion) as possible in your elbows. You’ll feel this in the triceps. if you are a beginner or new to this move perhaps start with bent knees, resting on the floor. You can work on getting depth then progress to the straight leg position later. Push yourself back up to start position but don’t forget to tuck those elbows in. 

Single leg step up: 
A favourite for the legs and butt. Step up on the chair and fully extend your leg and press your hips forward. Slowly lower back down trying not to drop your chest. When your foot hits the floor perform your second step up. Just go slow and focus on one leg at a time. Work on the leg coming down softly and controlled, not like a thudding elephant. 
Lie face down, with your body fully extended. Next, raise both arms and legs up in the air at the same time. Time it so you contract your abs and back muscles. This is a doozy for the core, much harder than it looks. Don’t forget to give the butt cheeks a good squeeze. Perform this move with control and focus more than anything on the “squeeze”. Engage back, arms, butt, abs and legs. Tuck your chin slightly and always look down.

Prisoner squats hands behind head: 
Your stock standard squat here, great for the legs. You could try this with a stool behind you to focus on engaging the posterior areas (butt and hamstrings) more. Aim for depth but be aware of any creaks and aches- if full range doesn’t feel right, flexibility is probably the issue (stretch calves, quads, lower back, abs) and work on slightly varied foot position.

 V-sit up:

This ab move is quite advanced but worth trying. Start by lying down on your back and using your abs, legs and arms aim to touch your toes with straight arms. Draw the navel into the spine on your initial ascent and perform as many controlled v sit ups as possible in the minute.

Hydrate well after your workout and bask in your own glory that now your workout is done and dusted! 
How often do you workout from home?
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