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How NOT To Get Fat On Holiday

Getting fat on holiday! Paaaaaaleaseeee, who has time for that? 

I’ve been to a few different cities in my time and tout myself as a bit of holiday connoisseur. I’m up to 21 countries so far and counting. There’s nothing better than packing a bag to go exploring in a new land. Enjoy my tips for getting the best out of your body when your are on holiday.

1. I aim to adjust to the time zone of the location I’m visiting as soon as possible.

2. Excessive alcohol onboard is a no no for me (I know,what a shock!). Aim to drink a lot of water (hopefully you have an aisle seat!) at regular intervals. 200-300ml every 30mins. I’m also not a fan of sleeping tablets (been there once and it’s not for me). Sleeping tablets can cause excess fluid retention- I prefer to ride out the long haul flights with small naps and lots and lots of onboard flight entertainment. 

3. I find a few pieces of fruit onboard is also great for a vitamin boost and gives you a bit more fibre to get things moving in the digestion department. Flying can really slow down your digestion and bloating is no ones friend, especially when you’ve got to slip into a bikini at the other end. 

4. Get up and about at regular intervals also (every 1-2 hrs for a stretch). If you are sleeping try not to stay in the same position for too long. Long haul flights usually have enough room up near the toilets to perform some standing stretches (quads, calves, lower back, upper back and chest). Don’t worry if you think people are staring just do it and then go sit back down. If I don’t stretch I pay for it later on the ground. Stretching and movement is key!

5. On the ground, get out in the sunlight if it’s the right time and aim to have a little exposed sunlight time. Jump in the hotel pool and treat yourself to a massage if possible. Don’t forget to book one in your return city (i.e when you get back home). Massage can really help settle jet lag.

6. Go easy on the booze till you feel relived of any jet lag symptoms (tiredness, lethargy, feeling wired). Hydration is everything- guzzle that water!

7. Eat fresh, clean food! The processed food you get on the plane and then in some hotels should be avoided. Salads, grilled meats/chicken/fish and some hearty carbs are all available in EVERY country if you look for them.

8. Don’t turn into a lazy potato on holiday- EXERCISE! You don’t have to go hardcore but something light everyday means you can indulge in those culinary delights. It’s rare you’ll find me vegging out on holidays, I like to explore, swim, shop (hello!) and get out there. A sun lounger is great but really what’s the point of being cooped up in a hotel- the world is at your feet!  

9. Where you can book apartments rather than hotels. These can be a real money saver ( has great options) and it means you can prepare some meals in your apartment. Shop for fresh, local and in season produce and you’ll feel like a local. 

10. Live in the moment & stress less! You are on a freaking holiday!

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