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HOW TO: Become A Sexy, Super Fit, SANE Goddess

There are always multiple ways to skin a cat and there are also multiple ways to become a sexy, kick ass woman- it helps if you know how to do it the SANE way.

So forget the zero confidence, cold hard bitch, low calorie, loads of cardio, limited sleep/party hard method. I’m going to go for something a little less stressful and low key but with all the results you’ve hoped for. C’mon ladies, let’s do it!

1. Stop putting others first!

Women learn from a very early age to put others, generally the men, in their lives before them. It’s wrong on many levels and here’s why “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a family but self preservation is key to a happy life. Obviously, their needs to be some kind of caveat here: “Don’t be a complete asshole/bitch” but stop serving up yourself like a second class citizen. Stop skipping the workout because your co worker needs to have his workout, let that nice man open the door for you, serve yourself up the first dinner portion or give yourself the fluffiest bath towel. Some suggestions may sound silly but they all make a step towards helping you put yourself in pole position.

2. Sleep you sexy thang!

At least 8 hours and preferably between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Beauty sleep is key to repair of cells and let’s be honest- what’s not to love about getting a little shut eye and waking up perky and ready to start the day.

3. Ditch the jerks!

The bad relationships you carry throughout life, weigh you down like a tonne of bricks. It’s time to reassess and find out who’s adding to your life and who is taking away value form your life. Make a list and cut your loses today! Think of it as a business decision- be ruthless. Cull, cull and CULL!! And while you are at, why not THANK the friends/family who ENRICH your life. It’s always nice to feel accepted and loved!

4. Are you doing what REALLY makes you happy?

 Do you wake up each morning and bounce around, looking forward to what the day will bring? Are you happy with your chosen career path-can you feel that strong fire burning inside you? Or do you get heart palpitations each time your alarm goes off as you drag your unhappy ass out of bed, day in and day out. Do you wait for someone, anyone, to get you outta this hell hole that you call a career? HELLLLLLOOO! What the hell is wrong with you? Snap out of it, girl! Get the quickest train to awesome town and DO WHAT YOU LOVE! There is no faster way to self decay that partaking in an activity that makes you feel shitty/worthless/unsatisfied. It’s a no brainer. Take a risk, step up and move onto projects that will make a difference to how you feel.

5. For God’s sake grab a cuppa tea woman!

Stop moving around at a hundred miles per hour….STTTTTTOOOOOOPPPP! Woman rush and faff about a lot in a day- it’s simply unnecessary. Write a to do list, achieve the to- do list (i.e don’t use avoidance tactics and self distraction methods) and have down time. For me personally, I know I can boost on and on about how much I have to get through in a day, sometimes I waste more time whinging about said activity rather than actually doing it. Try this: Set a timer when answering emails. Set it to 15 mins blocks and watch your productivity rise. When you think you’ve got “all day” to do something- it never gets done or gets done at the last minute and it’s bloody stressful. Set a list, complete the list and reward yourself. Also on that note- choose tasks wisely, I mean does the spice rack really need to alphabetised? Aren’t you just being a little too anal?

6. Keep you cardio workouts short and sweet.

Intense but short! The treadmill game is officially over. Aim to workout at your maximum effort for a duration of 90 secs, then have a complete rest for 60 secs. Complete this 90/60 interval for a maximum of 22 minutes. Choose exercises that are challenging: rowing, sprinting, battling ropes, steps ups, plyometric work. But can’t I just hold onto the cross trainer for 60 minutes whilst watching a re run of Grey’s Anatomy (….who actually still watches that show?!) pretending to workout? No! You are here to work and actually achieve something. I know it may make your ego smile when you tell people you “workout” but do you really WORK OUT? Step it up, lady and get serious about your results- That’s how I did it!  

Before Vs After

7. Eat to make your body beautiful.

Stop living the life of a poor uni student! 2 minute noodles are not food. You don’t have to spend a fortune on food just be smart with what you choose to buy. Go for fresh produce (meat, fish, dairy, fruit and veg) and have your pantry staples (rice, quinoa, tinned tomatoes, pasta, tuna, herbs, coconut cream and rice noodles). Ditch the ready made meals (which cost a fortune plus taste DISGUSTING)- you are actually worth the effort of making yourselves a decent meal, ladies. USE WHOLEFOODS! Don’t spend hours in the kitchen either- cap it at 20 mins or less. Grill a steak/piece of fish, boil some spuds or rice and knock up a salad!

8. Get a new thought process!

Self doubt and negative talk is so 2013. Step into 2014, confident and positive. Rome wasn’t built in day, don’t cha know, so start off with small “things” and then proceed to the bigger “things”. Small patterns may include: Stop swearing when you drive (that one was directed squarely at me!), Smile at 10 people per day or include goal setting (and achieving) into your day- 5 goals you must achieve by the end of the day. Big “things” may include: 5 positive affirmations in the mirror every day “I’m happy & confident in my skin, I am beautiful, I am unique,  I am healthy & free, I am a magnet for wealth & positivity”or a (negative) media ban (e.g ditch the reality TV circuit or unfollow people who moan & bitch on your twitter account)  

9. Get a little weight behind those workouts!

Women who lift are more capable, there I said it! It’s true! 99.6% of my own clients would vouch for that statement. Previous burdens and woes seem to dissipate when you start lifting. You get physically stronger and therefore your mental toughness is at an all time high

10. Make the connection that NOBODY is perfect- Just be you!

Being yourself is the new black. Get behind YOU! No more fake smiles, biting your tongue/stiff upper “lipping” it or standing in the shadows. Fricken shine baby! More people will fall in love with you for being your AUTHENTIC true self than some weird concoction of what you think a good/cool/awesome person looks or acts like. 

NatDonna- I don’t need to behave a certain way…I’m just ME!

x Nat 

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