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How To Make Tuna Taste Better In 30 Seconds Or Less

Tuna does have a reputation of somewhat a “fitness food” however having been on several “eat tuna till it becomes your life” diets, I’m somewhat repulsed by it and when I do eat it, I need it disguised.
Let me show you 7 ways to make your tuna taste better in 30 seconds or less.

1. Add mayo (goes without saying really). A tbsp of full fat will not break your calorie bank. Live a little!

2. Add coriander, dried chilli, crumbled fetta and lemon juice then mix

3. Buy good quality tuna in oil (preferably olive oil) and dump on your salad without the need to worry about a dressing.  Add a splash of apple cider vinegar if you need more acidity.

4. Add a tbsp of Harissa, Wasabi or Ajvar to your canned tuna

5. Add picked vegetables to plain tuna, Polski Ogorki are my favourite with tuna.

6. Leftover boiled eggs? Smash it up with some tuna for a quick high protein breakfast option

7.  Having a romantic solo at-your-desk-lunch? Try half an avo, can of tuna- mashed together with a squirt of lime and dash of chilli or smoked sweet paprika. It’s nice on rice cakes or crispbreads.

Are you a FOT (Fan Of Tuna..see what I did there)?  Comment below. I’d love to know the ways you jazz it up or perhaps you are a sicko and just like it straight up ‘outta the can.

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